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July 28, 2008


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Ego? Seriously?

I've been reading your posts for quite a while.

Does the whole pot calling the kettle black mean anything to you?

James T


I have no ego. I am the humblest person I know! Meek, gentle... shy. I don't even love myself, I only like me because that's just like, how humble I am.

In the past I only said that I love me more than I love myself, to humor myself.

In reality, I only really like me, as a person... sort of.

Now, can President (in his own mind) Barack "I am the Chocolate Jesus" Obama, savior of the free world... who will stop the oceans from rising and feed the hungry and save us from ourselves, say that?

I think not.

He is not humble... like me.

Uncle Ed

Mr. Humble (aka James T). You forgot to mention in your explanation that you are devastatingly handsome, but I guess that’s obvious by the picture?

Reading what you didn't write in the post it causes me to wonder does this mean that you are ready to vote for the old guy?

James T

Uncle Ed,

Thank you for stating the obvious. I am a beautiful man. It was out of humility that I didn't talk about my devastating good looks and virile masculinity (man boobs and all). I leave that to you...my fans.

But enough about me.

No. I am not ready to vote for the old guy, however I may end up voting for myself.

Out of humility, of course.

David B

Not to worry. The "old guy" will die of old age before the election and James T will be forced to vote for our new overlord, the "chocolate jesus."

I for one, welcome our new chocolate Jesus overlord.

Uncle Ed

Thought for the day. JT's post was a critique of Barack Obama, stating his view and prediction as to why Mr. Obama will not win the election. Mr. Obama has willingly opened himself for such discussion by running for the highest office in this land, it's the process. The first posted response could easily be read as a personal attack on Mr. Humility. My thought is; wouldn't it be nice if we could keep the political discussion and comments about the candidates not about the people stating their opinions? Maybe it will never happen on a national level, but it’s nice to think that it could happen on this blog.

James T

Uncle Ed,
Tolerance Uncle Ed...Tolerance. All voices are welcome to the National Conversation.

What starts out as a slap usually turns to a caress. To know me is to love me Ed. You know this!

Uncle Ed

OK cool, I get it! Obviously I’m just a boomer, trying to get along and have everyone play nice! Try this then, my previous post was directed at the angry left. Re: our blog author; I have never met a more humble man; devastatingly handsome is a stretch, only really old chicks dig you, and your man boobies are disproportionately large for a person of your gender. Do I get a slap or a caress now? ;)


Play nice boys!

James T

You get a slap because you are family! I know you Uncle Ed. I know who you are, where you live, what you drive and which side of the church you and your whole family sit on.

Keep it up and I will smother you with one of my robust man tits, while you pray to Jesus for mercy!

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