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    June 05, 2008


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    James, you are absolutely right. I really hoped it wouldn't come to this. I could have voted for Huckabee. Romney? I would have dealt with it. Heck, even Ron Paul I could have lived with. But McCain? Seriously? This is the best we can do?

    James you are preaching to the choir, at least I live in Canada and we have a Conservative PM, I feel so sorry for you guys. On balance our man Harper is having a hard time, but at least he is a Conservative


    And giving things to Obama will accomplish what exactly?

    Remember the Harriet Miers fiasco James. If McCain gets too far out of line the base will slap him back into line.

    Chin up and do the right thing.


    This is why "Bush's third term" will resonate: McCain, like Bush, is a warhawk who has succumbed to the global warming hysteria. On the other hand, Obama is a pure liberal who speaks well. Voters who behave like Sheep will be spellbound.

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