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    June 24, 2008


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    The only people that should have been in that line were people in desparate need. How many would have fit that category? I was once denied state benefits because I made $9,000 a year and drove a used car. You would have never seen me in a line waiting for a handout. I worked like a dog to provide for my family. Its called pride. American pride.


    Hines did NOT say that Milwaukee is like a Third World country. He did not even say that people in the central city are starving. Food prices are way, way up, as everyone knows. (Some of this is the cost of gas and some of it is corn, as Drudge recently pointed out.)

    All Hines said was that people should give to the food banks. There is a real need. Second Harvest donations are down 1 million pounds from this time last year.

    Crazy how things get twisted.


    He did say that the lines (5,000 people!) are like Third World nations -- that was the analogy.


    Diana, So guess you would look down on those people waiting in lines during the depression. They were not real Americans I guess.



    I do not come in this blog to argue with people. And depression is spelled with a capital D not a lower case d.

    Maddie - Saukville

    I really liked what Mr. Hines wrote about Juneteenth Day, I wish he would have challenged Barrett for mayor, but he's way off here.

    We are not living in The Great Depression. We have more than any generation of Americans, of everything, including opportunity. You have to want to take advantage of opportunity though and I think most of these people were just looking to take advantage.

    This reminds me of the people who lined up for free gas a couple/few years ago. I think we were under $3/gallon then and if I recall correctly, you could only get five gallons. Same thing happened, people lined up en masse at the wee hours. I earned the value of what was being given away within a couple of hours at my job and I didn't get up before 5am at that, gratefully since I am no morning person.

    I'm a mean old conservative though. I like it when old people and children and sickly and poor people die of starvation.

    Well said, James.

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