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May 09, 2008


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Actually the bigger culprit to the food shortage is the increased development of the developing countries (increased demand for food) and the high cost of energy (higher cost of transporting food), yes the ethanol thing does take some blame, but not the majority of it.


By Matt's logic, the arsonist is only partly responsible for the fire.

All that wood and all those shingles--PLUS the fact that the fire-department didn't get there until 10 minutes later...

See how that works?

Uncle Ed

All Things Considered, July 11, 2005 • This year, instead of crops, 34 million acres of American farmland will produce tall grass, pheasants and ducks. That's thanks to the Conservation Reserve Program, a USDA program to protect soil, streams and wildlife habitat on farms that accounts for about 8 percent of all farm subsidies in 2005. The CRP has had successes, but as Dan Charles reports for All Things Considered, the program is also controversial.
It's easy to tell what land in the Dakotas is part of the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). Those fields have no cattle grazing in them, and they aren't plowed or growing crops. Instead, they're filled with tall grass. Often, you'll see piles of rocks along the edges of those fields, a tell-tale sign that someone once plowed those fields and grew wheat there.
Such fields cover about 5 million acres of North and South Dakota. Nationwide, there are 34 million acres in the conservation reserve, an area equal to about 7 percent of U.S. land that's planted in crops. That's an area bigger than the state of New York.


By Dad29's logic the idea of making ethanol from corn was particularly intended to cause food riots and starvation.

All I'm saying is that those things are also causes of the food riots.

No, corn ethanol doesn't help and it is a retarded waste of resources for a tiny ROI vs other crops or even other sources of bio fuel, such as algae. Congress is dumb for mandating it. However, we'd still be having food shortages even if we weren't burning some of our crops.

Your house wouldn't burn if no one sets fire to it. Wood and shingles don't spontaneously combust.

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