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    May 14, 2008


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    Uncle Ed

    "Old School" You know what you are describing is the way that education works. A large part of the problem today is that we have lost our way. You are probably too young to remember "New Math". It was a euphemism for no math. Grammar and language skills like you described were lost even before I was in school. "Old School" was the right school. Kudos to you for sending your kids to a school where they have high standards and stick to them; they will be well served in their adult lives with the skills that they are being equipped with.


    That looks a lot like it used to be St. Nicholas' Parish back in the 1950's.

    If so, irony: my aunt taught there as an SSND nun...

    James T

    Good eye! Eastbrook use to be St. Nicholas.

    dana michelle

    Thank you for your wonderful post, James. Reading this gives me hope for the next generation.

    God bless you, and all the other parents who find a way to see to it that their children get a private education. I went into public schooling (in the mid-'70's)at the age of 13, after 8 years of parochial school, and even at that young age was able to see the vast differences between the two.

    When is MPS going to wake up and realize that THIS is the way to educate the children that are going to be incharge of our future?



    I may be old and crotchety, but I still have memory. Most times.

    Well, sometimes.

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