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    April 11, 2008


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    David Casper

    James, c'mon, this is not an apt comparison at all. And it's offensive to anyone who was a victim of the Nazis.

    Is the NAACP stupid to have this guy as a speaker? Absolutely. Are they going down the path of genocide? Not at all. And that's the only true way you can get away with comparing the two.

    James T

    Funny you should say that. It wasn't my intent to equate the NAACP to genocide, I hadn't thought it all the way though...But the NAACP is embracing a man who holds fascist views.

    Fascism was the ideology that lead to the death of well over 40 Million people in the 20th century.

    I have also read that there are more than a few Jews that are nervous over Obama's relationship with Wright because of their familiarity with this ideology.

    Is the NAACP going down the same path of the Nazis? Let me ask you this: Did the followers of Hitler have any idea where he would eventually lead them?

    Words mean things. Put me on the side of NEVER AGAIN. Whether black, white, Nazi or Black Nationalist.

    The NAACP needs to understand that bad company corrupts good character.

    Until they do, I have to call it as I see it.



    James, please. The ADL, the largest and most influential jewish hate speech group has never cited Wright for anti-semitism. More importantly, like I keep saying, nothing he said in any of those popular clips were untrue. Over the top? Maybe. Yet I think that a Reverend who openly allows Gay members(a rarity in the black church) and is a member of one of the most progressive denominations in America is likely not a fascist.


    's OK.

    Every time Bill Clinton opens his mouth, HRC takes another ratings-nosedive.

    Hell, all McCain has to do is look decent and be innocuous to win this.

    Zach W.

    Nice job one post you've managed to show any reasonable person why you shouldn't be taken seriously. Whatever your problems are with the NAACP, comparing them with brutal fascists responsible for killing millions of innocents simply doesn't hold water.

    James T

    You're right. I sort of feel like Barack Obama. How about this...

    "If I have offended any one with my comments, I..."


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