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April 02, 2008


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I still have a headache from practicing 'Devo headbutts' back in the day.


Just because something sells a lot does not mean it is good. I think Miles Davis is better than her, but the sales do not show it.


You have got to be kidding! Bigger than Elvis or The Beatles? Look Mariah is talented, but bigger than Lennon or Presley? I think not my friend.


I loved much of her early stuff. Not much of the last 6 or 7 years though. Better than Elvis? Only if you include his garbage movies. Music alone? NOT! B-52's rock!


Elvis and the Beatles are one of a kind super artists. No one is better than they were in the day. Mariah is not that good of a singer comparitively. How many albums did she put out to get those singles. And I agree with you James look at who is buying her garbage. DEVO is great.


Anytime I hear her voice or see her on tv I turn it off.
I don't know anyone who would buy her music. Give me the Beatles anyday.


Are y'all kidding me? The Beatles best work was their last two albums; most everything before that was bubble gum pop. Elvis? Loved his voice and some of his songs, but back in his day he was laughed at for putting out meaningless music. Mariah Carey can hit five octaves and was trained by her mother the opera singer; not even close to a comparison of talent. Sure, some of her songs might be questionable, but to deny her talent just because she happens to be pretty and current is elitist at best. She's got my love way more than the other two, or the B52's or Devo; ugh.

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