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    January 29, 2008


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    James Pawlak

    Curious that the Milwaukee media has not reported on the name of the bar from which this "gentleman" went to his death OR the description of the offenders (Latinos?) OR called on the City Aldermen to shut down that Bar as they did for one where there was a justifiable killing of thugs by armed security guards.

    Zach W.

    Homophobia rears its ugly head.


    Yes indeed, a very sad day for the whole family and his fiends. Vic was one of the kindest most generous people I had the prvilege to know. Not just another wealthy executive! Vic came from a very loving but certainly not 'wealthy" family. Everything he owned was as a result of hard work, self sacrifice and dedication. Not only did he support himself and loving partner but his elderly parents who are living in Zimbawe (we all know what that is like). I was told of his memorial service today as I was unable to attend and all my Mum could tell me was how absolutely devistated the parents are.

    Christiaan Scholtz

    Vic was a kind hearted person not exuctive and not wealthy by any standars , he gave all his money away to family and workers. Something the money hungry Americans would never understand.May his killers rot in hell. It is not about rich or poor , it is about cruelty and evil behond comprehension to a kinder , happier , soft-spoken person than only helped , his exteded family in Africa will now suffer hardship which an American wealthy executive could never understand. describing Vic as this should shame a person shortsighted and idiotic in their own small worl without any information of any sort.

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