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    November 08, 2007


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    dana michelle

    I found your prior post last night and followed the link to find out what it was about.

    I have to agree with the consensus of a lot of the commenters. If it were a rumor about a Republican candidate they would have run that story post haste in banner headlines on the front page without so much as batting an eyelash.

    For the LA Times to say they are wrestling with and "ethical dilemma" about running the story is truly nauseating.


    Thats it, now I can die. Now I've heard everything.

    Amy P.

    Hillary's camp is probably figuring out how to spin this...not only the first woman president, but the first lesbian president!

    Yay diversity!

    And anyone who doesn't think Hillary wouldn't go to the ends of the earth to squash any dissent and stifle free speech and thought is sorely mistaken. I knew that well before, given her past history.

    Now anyone who disagrees with her "lifestyle choice" will probably have the hammer dropped on them.

    And what will this do to supporters of Bill? Will they be miffed that he's been dumped? (Or glad he's "on the market" again)?

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