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    November 13, 2007


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    james wigderson

    At least they're not sacrificing virgins.

    Uncle Ed

    The problem we have as Americans is our country's principals are based on Christian beliefs. Our forefathers understood that as a nation we will not enjoy a single faith in the God of Abraham and Jesus his Son as our personal savior. Therefore this nation offers the freedom to choose your individual faith. God has smiled on this country; as we have wondered, impressing ourselves with our science and intellect. He has been patiently waiting for us as a nation to recommit to the understanding that He in charge of all things, not us. Repentance is the first step. Second is leaving the authority where it belongs, with Him. Asking God for the things we need is how he designed us, the answers we seek will come only when we acknowledge as a nation that He is the Creator, the Sustainer, and the Provider. Send your blog to the Gov of Georgia; he has an opportunity to have a real impact on this nation.

    dana michelle

    A PRAYER service held outside of a STATE CAPITOL? But what about ... wait for it... "separation of church and state?"

    They'd better hope that Annie Laurie Gaylor and her Freedom from Religion fanatics don't catch wind of this or they'll be down there on the next bus to put the kibosh on it.

    I'm with you on this one, James. I can't help but feel that the level of natural disasters on our planet is commensurate with the rapidily progressing degradation of our society.

    God may very well be trying to get our attention. Who's to say that he isn't using "global warming" to do it?

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