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    November 20, 2007


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    Uncle Ed

    Yea! Just leave those girls alone! Support the environment of promiscuity and they too will feel comfortable looking just like the HO in the picture posted yesterday. Overstated? I think not! Most of the girls heading off to prom in their dresses would make a grown man blush. Dress code? Overdue!

    dana michelle

    Uncle Ed, I agree with you, but I'm far less concerned with the strapless dresses than I am with the number of commenters to that article that have absolutely no problem with teenagers grinding on each other at a school dance. Emphasis on "teenagers" and "school."

    Is this really something to encourage and protect? And I really resent the inference that anyone who feels otherwise is some sort of prudish, religious zealot. As if grinding pelvises is comparable to doing the twist.

    With the decline of moral standards in our society, we have forced kids to grow up and deal with adult issues long before they are mentally and emotionally prepared to do so. It's really sad to think of 16 and 17 year olds being that worldly. What is left in life for them to discover when they've seen and done it all before their high school graduation?

    Yes, by all means, let's protect highschooler's "rights" to keep on grinding each other at school dances.

    Pathetic. And really sad, too.


    You made me think again about this issue.

    Yes, it's a public school--therefore, the kids are doing it in PUBLIC!

    Thanks for resolving this.

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