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    November 16, 2007


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    Jennifer K

    I can't believe she's 23. I'm almost 41, and I look younger than she does!


    I'm shocked, SHOCKED!

    Pamela Zagar

    While I appreciate the updates, I can do without the photos. Here's hoping that praying to God on her behalf ( and others so far off the path) will go further than shock, outrage, and name calling.

    Pamela Zagar

    yikes I did not mean to come across so self righteously in my comment, I just wanted to offer some constructive placement of our shock and outrage----since by ourselves we don't get very far----but God can make a difference.

    James T.

    You're cool, Ms. Zagar. I caught your flow! I hope you understand that our "shock" and "outrage" is feigned. What I really feel is more in the line of pity and disgust.

    dana michelle

    You just know that the Playboy staff was salivating over this girl the minute her story broke.

    And my guess is they didn't have to shell out all that much money ("less than 6 figures" in her words; I am guessing quite a bit less)but they are going to rake in plenty.

    I'm disgusted by the creeps that pursue these women, and I am disgusted by the foolish women that fall for it. It cracks me up that, to the person, they always say that the pictures were "tastefully" done. That must be part of the sales pitch.

    She's right, there's nothing wrong with the female body. But giving their own private peek to anyone who can pony up the cost of the mag (and everyone they choose to show it to) is something else entirely. Then again, she didn't seem too concerned about showing her stuff off to the rest of the passengers on that plane, so maybe she really doesn't care.

    The only problem is those pictures will follow her forever and there isn't enough soap on the planet to make her feel clean again, if and when she comes to her senses.

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