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    November 12, 2007


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    James, You are one of those punk Gen X'ers? Because of the maturity of your writing, I had assumed that you were a Boomer that had actually grown up!

    Can't say that I didn't learn anything today!

    James T.

    I have a Gen X tattoo on my ankle just in case future generations confuse me for a idealist... Like you! :-)


    I have to admit, as Democrats go, Obama is one I could see eye to eye with on a decent number of things. I don't think he will typify partisanship and I think that if you guys had to have a Democrat president, Obama is the only one who wouldn't send chills down my spine. That said, he is a lefty and would undoubtedly make typical lefty mistakes, but he is head and shoulders above Clinton and Edwards. If he gets the nomination the Republicans are in trouble.


    Watch out James! I am LMAO and rolling on the floor. Why you ask? Some think you are a boomer? Watch out now my friend. Maybe you ought to get "both" ankles tatooed. LOL

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