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August 17, 2007


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MICAH's Ten Commandments should really be renamed the Ten Entitlements, since there is not one thing on that list an individual is **responsible** for, but rather what they are all entitled to.


Outstanding post! I can't help but notice that MICAH's commandments all rely on someone else doing the heavy lifting.


Love this.

Enable thyself and all things shall be added unto you...


Milwaukee already has an excellent "job training program" for our central city youth. And it's 100% free.

It's called "graduation from an MPS High School"... and unfortunately, 65 percent of City of Milwaukee youth don't take advantage of this unique taxpayer-funded program.



The problem with MICAH's wish list is that, for the most part, it sounds more like handouts.

I do have some sympathy for expanding economic development and job training but, as pointed out, when 65% of the inner city doesn't graduate from high school, advanced job training is immaterial.

I also think high school shouldn't be the end but the beginning and have no problem with making schools such as MATC and GTC more affordable for those who otherwise couldn't attend.

But the real solution to change come from within -- person by person, house by house, block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood. Government can't do it for you.


By electing nothing but liberal, activist democrats for the past 40+ years, the residents of Milwaukee's most challenged neighborhoods are trying to prove the theory wrong - that "government can do it all for you"...

Hey, Milwaukee: Hows it working out?


I'm wondering how long it took you to just get your list to the final ten. That must have been an all nighter because there are more than that. Let me share some that need to be added to the "b-side."

XI Thou shalt smite any white/black/other liberal that tell African Americans they are victims

XII Thou shalt not believe that prison is cool and that street creed is more important than being a law abiding citizen

XIII Thou shalt not cruise and act like you have no damn sense

XIV Thou shalt not take your money and give it to the false gods - Potowatomi Casino and lottery tickets

XV Thou shalt not act a damn fool at the mall, Summerfest (any fest), school... in fact, just stop acting a damn fool


wow! you're different from all those other blacks. You're special!

Are you happy now?

Or do you need still MORE attention? Lick McCain's boots some more. That "your reward will be in heaven" bullshit was HILARIOUS!!!

As a black conservative, you are an embarassment!!

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Golden rules. Agree with all of them.

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