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    June 03, 2007


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    This viewer perceived that as far more than just a quasi-defense, James.

    Mikel Holt has always to me seemed like such a reasoned, logical guy... his inability to see that the damage they've done in the community (as well as the bad PR they've brought this city for far too long now) far outweighs the handful of "feel-good" programs either of them has put together that is always the nature of his defense.

    Glenn D. Frankovis

    Very well said James. I hope Charlie has you on his show more often to balance the discussion (even though Mikel, at times, does point the finger of blame squarely where it belongs).

    phel jones

    Hi James, great stuff this a.m. Mike Holt seemed like he was holding back hysteria.


    Good show this morning James. Can't wait to hear you on tonight's program.


    How did you guys keep from cracking up when Joel B. did his Winners & Losers at the end of the show? :)

    James B.

    James, an acquaintance emailed me and said you were in the blogosphere now. Stirring things up, I see ;-)

    Haven't had a chance to catch your radio show. But if it's available through streaming audio I'll give it a listen.

    Take care.

    Kevin Facey

    I did not have a problem with some of things that Mikel Holt stated. For me, a person who lives in Mike McGee's district, when we had the recall election, I was not that impressed with the candidates that seeking to be the representative of that district; though I would admit that Una Van Duvall, did almost make decide to look at her, especially with the thought of development within our district.

    Would I vote for someone like Mike McGee again? To be honest, I am not sure. If you have the same kind of candidates during the recall election, then I would vote for McGee. However, if you had someone who can articulate what he or she believes in helping to get the district to the next level, then I would vote for that person over McGee.


    The McGee saga and it's aftermath, including blog posts like Kevin's, have taken inner city dysfunction to new levels.
    Most of us outside of the "community" stand astounded at what those within the "community" aren't livid at McGee's actions. Assuming McGee dodged conviction, what kind of thinking human being would want to assocaite with him?
    I mean who besides Eugene Kane.
    The people in greatest need of competant leadership accept a thug.
    McGee's behavior whether convicted or not is simply unacceptable.

    Justus McGee

    Bravo. Bravo. Well done Mr. Harris. You have officially received your Uncle Tom Country Club card. Wait did I say that? Ok that may be too antiquated. How about House Negro Gold Card? Ok that is even more antique. Name calling isn't gentlemanlike, actually beneath me. But you can hear those voices can't you Mr. Harris? Maybe you've heard them all your life. But you have joined the litany of Black men who have admonished another Black man in order to gain favor with the "mainstream". When you say "mainstream", are you talking about good old fashioned American values? Because when I hear that I think of White American values. And many people who support my brother (his ideology not his actions) hear the same thing. I'm not going to make excuses or condone what my brother did. His actions speak loud enough. You seem like a rational person and you may quietly admit that there is a pattern of Black leaders who face persecution from the "Man" as Mr. Holt pointed out. Go back to MLK, Malcolm X, and Marcus Garvey. If you are a Black rabble-rouser there will be repercussions. Maybe Black America should have adopted accommodation like Booker T. Washington advocated over a century ago. But by the Civil Rights Era people were tired of black only bathrooms and sitting in the back of the bus. I do agree there needs to be a paradigm shift in Black people's thinking. However that will not happen until Black leaders are not targeted for shaking the tree. Hey wasn't Jesus a tree shaker? Look what happened to him. And I'm not making an inference Christ was a Black man so calm down. But that shows you how far back it goes. Well that is enough... for now.

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