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    June 22, 2007


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    “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway” - John Wayne


    Maybe a pump action shotgun would be useful? The cocking noise alone would probably get the thugs' attention.

    On the other hand, that could also lead to scaling up the level of potential violence. I guess it depends on how you think the thugs will react. Will they leave and stay gone or will they then come back with guns of their own?

    Maybe learning karate would be better?

    Nic Cruickshank

    you need to get groups of 3 or more grown men to patrol for a half hour together -- walk through the community and organize others in different sections of the city. Each man should have a cell phone -- and without causing trouble keep this up while the weather is good. It won't solve problem but getting people active is the first step. Notify police of garbage going on and if violence occurs pick and choose your battles.


    The police are so overwhelmed, what's the point in calling? They usually show up just in time to put up the tape.

    If this city is going to solve this problem, it's going to have to come from within. Talking about it hasn't brought any solutions. Hiding from the problem ("there's no crisis here") hasn't brought any solutions.

    Maybe "manning up" is the only solution this city has left. So, yippy kayay, I guess.

    Oh, and a very strong recommendation if you go the vigilante route:

    Kevlar, baby. It's all about the Kevlar.

    Uncle Ed


    Sign me up for a weekly walk thru your neighborhood with you my friend.


    James. What do the "women" have to do to defend themselves in your Sherman Park neck of the woods? I hear you talking about "manning" it up, but are the women hiding behind locked doors? Just wonderin.


    The women should do what any responsible citizen should do in that situation.

    Buy a gun.

    I'm not calling for a return to the Wild West (which wasn't as wild as most would believe), but when faced with violence, self defense is the only alternative.

    Of course, a responsible citizen makes a legal purchase, gets training on firearms use and safety, they don't treat it like a toy, and don't leave it laying around for little kids to pick up.

    A gun is only a bad thing in the hands of bad people.


    Henry Cannon over in the Riverwest Neighborhood has headed up the Riverwest walkers for the last year or so. It's a great way to meet neighbors, and walk around and be a presence in your neighborhood. Invite your local captain to walk with you. Stagger the schedule so that one week you walk on a Monday, the next a Tuesday, etc.

    Don't go out with a vigilante mindset. Go out with the mindset of being in your community, owning it, loving it. I don't live in Sherman Park, but my grandfather did. And I would gladly volunteer to walk with you. Just let me know.


    MJ, James already does that -- but not enough. And so does the Sherman Park Ambassadors Program. (Much like what you're talking about in Riverwest, but an older initiative.) Good idea. You listening, James...?


    You know you guys are right on top of things over in the Park. Does City Hall know about any of this? Isn't it great how the little guy can come up with such great civic-minded ideas and the big-wigs downtown collect their paychecks and do nothing. Calling Mayor Barrett. Where are you Mayor Barrett?


    Actually, Diana, Ald. Hines does a lot in Sherman Park. Just ask James...

    Mayor Barrett, on the other'd have to ask someone else.


    Hines I know does a lot. Its Barrett who is supposed to "lead" the city.


    You're right, Diana. Do you live in Wash Heights?

    Glenn D. Frankovis

    Lots of interesting comments here. I wish you all lots of luck. Just make sure that you have a plan if/when the tiger jumps out at you.

    The following are my comments on the Badger Blogger re: today's (06-24-2007) Eugene Kane column:

    "This pretty much sums up what you can expect for the rest of this summer and beyond unless black politicians, the Mayor, the local media and the next Police Chief start supporting the cops who are trying to get the job done":

    (From Kane’s column)

    Q. What is it going to take to reach out to you guys in order to be hopeful about the future?

    A. “Why do you want to reach us? Like you said, we’re the dropouts, the ones without good parents, the ones who don’t really think much about the future beyond the next day. Plus, we can get all the guns we want. What good do you think reaching out to us is going to do?”

    Q. So, it’s hopeless?

    A. “Not as long as we’re the few. When we become the many, that’s when you will really have problems.”


    And if you need "man up" Wheaties, have everyone in the patrol watch "A Man for All Seasons" before taking their walk.

    Different topic--but it's a "man up" movie if ever one was made...

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