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June 01, 2007


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I don't think his reign will end when he's behind bars.
UNLESS, someone else stands up and has a benevolent, charismatic, honest, & lawful nature. And not someone who sees a chance at a sweet $70,000/yr alderman gig.

EC Anderson

As so often happens with right wing and some left wing bloggers, you misconstrue the facts. OJ Simpson was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. Whether he committed the murders or not is irrelevant at this point. The common theme of the US Justice system is that if one is Black it makes no difference that the police were caught in lies and the evidence against him was weak. Similarly, while Mike McGee Jr. has been arrested and charged let's wait until we see the evidence against him before condemning him as a criminal. Is this a nother trumped of case of rushing to judgement with out substantial evidence of a criminal act being committe? I am willing to wait and see. Are you?


I am truly willing to "wait and see", as I would be with anyone regardless of their color or creed...
but from what I've seen thus far, the onus of "wait and see" is far more strong on those offering blind defense than upon those who have brought charges against Mr. McGee.

Where exactly is the "rush to judgment" in nuances of the same story being repeated over and over again (they haven't even exposed a fraction of the complaints they have against Mr. McGee, and I know this to be FACT) regardless of the victim's color - business owners, and also normal individuals, no different than presumably you and I - people trying to complete simple property transactions, and being shaken down, only to receive nothing promised in return.

Doesn't it trouble you that the system has seemingly been manipulated in such a way as to deny anyone not willing to hand a minion a wad of cash the services they deserve as an American?

And should you truly believe that the practice of "rush to judgment without substantial evidence" is limited only to non-minorities, might I suggest you do a Google search on "Richard Jewell".

Nic Cruickshank

There is nothing wrong with waiting and seeing, but James T has been wary of McGee's actions and conduct. For him at least this is validation that what he spoke of was absolutely true. I was on the McGee4me site and he surely has some blind followers and detractors but its hard to fault one as perceptive as James T

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