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    May 08, 2007


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    Who's to say what the "real solution" is to this "real problem". Although I don't believe that passing laws can fix families, there are some steps that could be taken but never will be:

    Step 1--ban all parasitic "Pay Day Loan" & "Get It Now" stores from the city.

    Step 2--ban all parasitic liquor/grocery stores from the inner city and shut down the fake churches that are sucking people dry.

    Step 3--remove Potawatomi entirely from Milwaukee. Can anyone set foot in that place and not tell me that it's not set up as a way of exploiting the poor?

    Step 4--Take a page out of Giuliani's book--he started having the police in NYC respond to the small, quality of life incidents as well as the big ones and found they're all related.
    Hegarty admits she'll only respond to the "big" offenses. It's obviously not working well.


    John, step 4 sounds like something that possibly could happen, and would probably have a positive influence too.

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