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    May 09, 2007


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    That was probably the most realistic look at the future of this country. People need to be more aware of what is going on around them and report it to the correct authorities. I know people do not like to enforce our illegal immigration problem, but it will again bite us in the butt. And it will be much worse and wide spread. Close the borders, all of them, and start hunting down those over stayed their welcome. Start deporting those who need to be deported and do not have any rights in this counrty of OURS. Clean up the trash and we will once again be a strong country.

    Nic Cruickshank

    I only recently happened upon your show via the net. I loved what I heard and read. We need voices like yours in Canada. The future you speak of is the same one we here in Canada shall share with you. I can't help but worry given the denial many are in with regard to where we are headin as nations. It truly seems like we have our collective heads stuck in the sand and we are most comfortable there. Stay strong in health and in your family so you can continue to speak the turth where few wish to listen. We need more James T Harris' in this continent.


    We'll find out we're in big trouble right when it's too late. (Kinda like MPS's brewing problems that are now hitting the fan.)


    The Religion of Rampage has declared war on Christianity, Judaism and the West. Islam does not mean peace, but rather "submit."

    We are to either submit or die. Me? I'd rather die than submit.

    Amy P.

    Peter: Remember two words - "lan astaslem". Arabic for "I will not submit, I will not surrender".

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