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    May 24, 2007


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    Another on-target post James.
    With rap there seems to be a hyper de-evolution. The 90's rappers set the course for what is out there now. For a rapper to be relavant he needs to take it to a more extreme sex/rage/thug level. Kool-Moe-Dee would get booed off the stage.
    There will never be "lite rap".
    One can say rock music has gotten coarser over the years, but you don't see Speed/Thrash/Death Metal anywhere near mainstream.


    Your last two posts reminded me of a 1993 book written by Myron Magnet, 'The Dream and the Nightmare: The Sixties' Legacy to the Underclass'.

    While rebelling against their bourgeois upbringing, the infant progressives exalted the underclass lifestyles. When push came to shove, the young lefties could fall back on the virtues of their upbringing, while the underclass remained stuck in their paths to poverty.


    "The faux statistic of white kids buying more rap music than black kids is a “sub-urban” myth."

    Really? What is your evidence? I'd be curious to see that information.

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