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    May 31, 2007


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    Many people have so much anger against the "system" that they refuse to have any sense of morality. These people feel marginalized and support people who they know are bad. This is not just limited to United States. This is the reason many people around the world support Osama Bin Laden. The people don't support him because they think that Bin Laden has done any good for them. They support him because he stands up to United States, the most powerful country in the world.

    You are just looking at one side of the issue. It is true that these people are wrong for supporting criminals and thugs. But what is the reason for the anger and disillusionment that leads to them supporting these people.

    People like McGee, O.J Simpson, and Bin Laden are viruses that thrive in the sea of disillusionment and hopelessness. If we eliminate the sea of disillusionment, these viruses will not be able to survive.

    James T.

    Or would the viruses mutate?

    Nic Cruickshank

    This has to do with cultural shift amongst western society. Instead of supporting our own ideals and supporting ourselves, we identify with the apparent downtrodden, even killers in other parts of the world that would be condemmed here. Alleviating the disillusionment many experience may happen in one of two ways. Either by imposing more socialist style rules to keep all equal financially (then the focus will be shifted but discontent remains) or by longterm planning and advancement through conservative style ideas that advance only the hardest working and best of the best. In either situation some will be angry and dissent will continue although through the socialst model one will no longer feel as free to complain since everyone will be "equal". The point of my rant is that dissent is natural and healthy as long as it isn't supported to supplant the views of the majority. Our mdeia culture unfortunately lends itself to parroting each other so that once I one person spins a story one way, many others pick up on it. People tend to be wary of conservative talking points which is not in itself bad, as long as they are equally wary of liberal talking points.


    Or remember Robert Blake. He got away with murder and no one cares. OJ is the bogeyman and Robert Blake is just another Hollywood killer. Perhaps the lesson isn't that black people empathize with black killers. Perhaps the lesson is that white people don't much care about celebrity cases... unless black people do.


    Lest you think that the emulation of rogue icons is limited to people of color, may I present for your approval one Jerry Springer?

    The real question is: Who goes to trial first, R. Kelly or McJr? Maybe if Jacko had married Aaliyah instead of Lisa Marie (now that was a bold career move) fate would have dealt him a different hand. After all, R. Kelly's fans don't have to stand outside a courthouse to show their support, they can just keep on buying his records instead.

    Maybe the lesson here is to optimize your criminal wrongdoing while your career is still hot. Having just listened to The Alderman's first rap single (no, I am not kidding) this all seems too clear to me.

    I wonder if he'll be out in time for their upcoming live shows?

    The Angry White Man/ Frank A. Nedry

    BTW I rented the sax in the photo to Mr. Clinton. The reason blacks will support even corrupt leaders is that a corrupt leader is better than no leader at all. Many blacks thought that the white man had all the priveleges and that meant an easy road to success. But when the black man got out in the workplace he learned that it took hard work to be successful no matter what color you were and that sent many blacks scurrying for support and that meant "programs". Any leader that was willing to give them something for nothing became their hero and enabler and to be supported no matter what.

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