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May 31, 2007


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While I loved Spider Man, Star Wars, and Star Trek, I have to admit never understanding the appeal of Speed Racer.

Ultraman, on the other hand was da man!

Boy, do I miss Ultraman.


Yes James you are a geek...

(I can't wait either, I wonder who they will cast as Trixie?!?)

James T.

Trixie will played by Christina Ricci (whoever that is....)


Christina Ricci was an actor in the sitcom The Adams Family. Remember?


FYI, Wachowski's aren't brothers anymore, they're brother and sister. Larry=Lana.


James T.

Uhhhhhhhhh. I think I knew that but chose to forget it.
Watch. I'll forget it again... Oh rats, you showed me the picture.


Pete Fanning

While I wasn't a big fan of the cartoon...I'll definitely watch a Wachowski treatment...should be interesting!

Coach Tim

James T.,

In this 1% instance yes you are a geek, though I find in 99% of other instances you are not.

Peace out


Thanks for the link, that brings back so many happy memories.
I loved that show when I was a kid.


Yup. . You definitely are a geek!

Maybe Bernard will see the movie with you!

Douglas Glatzel

Is there going to be scenes of Emil Hirsch frozen, in front of a seizure inducing backdrop going, "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?"
I would also like to see the parents of the boy go clothes shopping. I want to see the face of a woman who dresses her child the same as the family ape.

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