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    April 11, 2007


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    If they lost their bigotry, what would they have?


    I fear my children and their children will go on hearing racist comments from the McGee family for years to come. I am truly losing hope. When will it end?


    Just when you think Senior McGee (whom I refer to as Commander Zero IQ) can't go any lower ... let's just say the expectations can never be low enough.

    What's amazing is the number of people outraged — legitimately — at Don Imus's remarks that simply shrug off what comes out of the mouth of Senior McGee that is just as bad if not worse.


    "But according to black activists, black people can’t be racists because they have no power. Right?"

    I heard Sharpton say that once on TV. It is, of course, an incorrect statement.

    Anyone can be racist. It doesn't take power, just hate.

    Discrimination, on the other hand, requires some sort of power.

    These terms get thrown around so much that their meanings are lost. They are just used as button-pushers now.


    You could not be more correct James.

    Right now we are in national tizzy over Don Imus and his hateful remarks.

    My only issue there is what's new? Don Imus spews hate towards the right every day, but no one cares about that.

    Reverend Sharpton is refusing to accept his apology. Gee that is some hypocritical stance from a supposed man of God, he is espousing and promoting the hate for his own betterment.

    Even Imus' leftie friends are now abandoning him.

    Hate only flows in certain directions apparently.

    The McGees are some of the most hateful people I have ever seen. And for some reason the people of this city keep voting for hate.

    Keep up the good work James, we need your voice.


    You are not alone. There are many more African Americans in Milwaukee who are tired of the McGees and all other poverty pimps who refuse to recognize personal responsibilty as a variable in their situations. Keep on blogging!!


    I agree with the the previous blogger. You are not alone. We (Black people) have got to stop letting this ignorance continue without saying anything. They don't speak for me or anybody I know. Our long silence has been interpreted as consent...and nothing could be further from the truth.


    At least being compared to Clarence Thomas ain't bad.


    When will Charlie put you on his Sunday morning tv show. I wish more people could hear what you have to say. Thanks for your blog and for Charlie leading us to you. Your brilliant.


    as long as black people pay attention to the sharptons and McGees they will all ways be poor and dependent on the wellfare state.


    I just heard about James T. Harris comment "He (Obama) is African American and I'm a American of African descent." I love it. I have yet to meet a black African who had something good to say about a black American yet so many black people call themselves Afro-American". The white European also look down their noses at us white Americans. Wake up black America. I believe it was Thomas Sewell who said "we will have a black president someday, but it shouldn't be Obama". What an example he will set is what my thoughts were. When I hear Powell and Armstrong Williams say they may vote for him, I have to wonder. A 3 1/2 year person in the senate and he is representing the Democratic party? As far as the racist blacks who are voting for him for that and that alone, the man doesn't even have a black American relative. Pop and step pop are/were Muslims. Can't believe mom didn't become one and no way a kid gets raised with Muslim parents or a male parent without being a Muslim. That is worst than a Jewish kid becoming Messianc. I know of no presidents who were voted into office because they were white. When Michelle Obama made the comment over the radio last year "it is not safe for a black man to go to a gas station without being shot by a white man", that tells you where she is coming from. He is dominated by her. She brought him into that hate filled church that Wright ran. There is no such thing as a Christian church. 100% in the congregation? Never saw that. When the country starts paying a president of the US a salary like the ball player gets, maybe the quality will rise up and you won't have to steel everything but the kitchen sink like the Clinton's did when they left. Obama came to Overbrook H.S. in Philly and couldn't answer a question. The black kids there couldn't believe it. Without a script he is very ordinary. McCain wasn't the best the Republican party could have put up but since they screwed him in 2000 for Bush they must have felt they owed him. How he got passed Romney I don't know. He is as strong a patriot as we have running for president he certainly has more to choose from for a VP than Obama so let's hope he makes a wise choice! Above, all may God bless America, because we the people have not!


    I have personally not read this piece of literature. So in that regard I can not comment on what the literature says. Frankly, i'm sure it is not a racist remark toward anyone however, there is something that is bothering me.

    I don't know if Mcgee is of African American descent, or if his skin is dark at all, but the line you used...

    "But according to black activists, black people can’t be racists because they have no power."

    I don't know if you believe this or not yourself, and if not then this entire statement is null and void. However, I would like to know where black activist were able to discover this definition. What source do they have? I looked up the definition of racism in the Webster-Merriam Dictionary and frankly the word "power" is never used in their definition.

    I don't care if other people believe that they are better than me at sports, or arts, or even a more talented Orator. Yet, I can't and won't allow someone to claim vocal impunity based on either their skin color or a biased source.


    A Black man is The President of the USA, the most powerful man in the world, the wealthiest man in the world is a black man, and there are some 40 congress men/women in the House and Senate. A Supreme Court Justus, need I go on. Blacks have no power is a myth used to justify racist blacks like this one

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