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    March 22, 2007


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    I guess they've given up on bringing jobs to the city.


    Couldn't disagree more:
    Tell me James, would rich white folks from Mequon and Delafield tolerate an hour and half commute each way to work downtown? Would they support dismantling the freeways (a huge public subsidy) and we could go back to two lane streets connecting our communities?
    Forget transportation, why can't these poor central city folk not LIVE near the jobs in the burbs?
    To put this on the backs of poor people (ie they are lazy) and not realize that decisions have been made by very rich people to seperate themselves from "those" kinds of people is to bury your head in the sand.


    In answer to your questions:
    Because a $220,000 house costs more than a $2000 car.
    There comes a time to get off the pot and go get what you need to survive. Your ancestors came to this country for some THAT'S a commute!

    bk bomber

    Speaking of "rich white folks," how's life in Shorewood? Must be rough.


    Well, bk bomber, you appear to know who I am, do you have the guts to identify yourself?
    To Andy's point that poor folks don't live in the ex-urbs because the housing costs too much um....that's my point. Would Brookfield support affordable housing development, single-family or otherwise. Why do you think Ozaukee and Waukesha counties have large lot zoning requirments?
    If this was truly market based, motivation for improvement, etc. of James original post, there would be plenty of housing for poor and lower middle class folk out in the burbs, near the jobs James wishes they'd jump on a train for. There are other powerful factors at play and blaming the poor has always been the EASIEST way out. No way the rich and powerful could be at fault. No way indeed.

    bk bomber


    No, I don't "have the guts" and I won't be meeting you at the playground after school, either.

    But I will ask you a serious question: Why is your every example of a "rich and powerful" suburb out west? -- Waukesha, Ozaukee, Brookfield. Will you not acknowledge that Shorewood is just as rich and powerful (and white) as any of those?

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