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    March 26, 2007


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    Come on now James. You're black. By those standards, I'm certain you regularly hang out with Eugene Kane. Don't all you black folks hang out together? He's convinced this is a good thing. Why aren't you?

    Actually, it would seem to me that in this day and age we would be able to look beyond Disney as a marker of equality. Sure, someday maybe a black woman will achieve some great post, such as Secretary of State, but until then I guess all we have to hope for is what Disney has to offer.

    And Randy Newman is a hack.

    Tom McMahon

    And maybe Randy Newman will update the lyrics to "Short People" and make it "Black People"! Wouldn't that be absolutely wild?


    Maybe they'll get Richard Roundtree as one of the voice actors?


    You nailed this one. I thought almost the same thing when I read the article on Yahoo! news. But that's typical of the Left. They really don't get it.

    Mitch Mitchell

    Well, remember, these are the same people who are right now contemplating the release of Song Of The South as a "historical representation" of the good ol' days of Disney animation, all other insulting stuff aside. Personally, I can't be mad at them putting in a black princess until I see the movie, but if they do to her body what they did to the bodies of the women in Lilo and Stitch, then I might have to pitch a fit.

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