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February 23, 2007


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James, it's not just language. Perception also, needs to be changed. As long as people continue to vote for those like MJ, and give legitimacy to the likes of Sharpton, not much will change. Those who you mentioned, are mostly under the radar, as they are doing that which matters, not seeking publicity.


It's too easy to play on emotions and get the blood boiling. I think the 'leaders' you mentioned enjoy it, too.

p.s. Sidney Poitier rocks.

Black Female

Question, why are the standards of some Black people so low? I mean why do some Black people in Milwaukee consider McGee Jr. a "leader" and "role model"? Even politicians, CEOs and media personalities have supported this character regardless to the lack of respect he has for the people of Milwaukee. If he leads, who does he lead and if he is a role model, what example is he really displaying?

The real issue here is that accountability is lacking in the Black community.
No one wants to hold anyone accountable. They have this "oh well, at least we got something" attitude. It is sick.

Why march against police brutality when there are Black people beating Black people everyday? Why not dedicate time and energy into the real cultural issues instead of ranting and blowing hot air over racial issues? Maybe when Black culture changes its values and turn away from blame and dependency, our lives will be better and respect will be given.


I think the main problem is the entire idea of a 'black' community. Basing ones identity on the color of one's skin is the main problem. Like James says, "I am a man." he doesn't say "I am a black man." because such a statement is really meaningless. No one has a choice of their skin color, it's like saying, "I am a blue eyed man." as if that had something to do with my character, or who I am as a human being. Skin color is not something someone ought to be proud of, because it's not an achievement, it's like being proud of being born with two eyes.

Of course maybe I can't relate because I was born with a lighter shade of skin?


Bravo. I happened upon your blog, and I will have to say...I am quite impressed. Thinking for yourself must be freeing.

Black Female

To Matt: If we stop saying "Black" community, we must stop saying, "LBGT" community, "Jewish" community and so on. I guess the media should say dark man or light man when giving a description of a robber. I am sure we will catch the perp that way.

What kills me is how people what to act as though we are ready to be color blind in this society when we are not.

So if the reference of being "Black" is the problem, I guess we should stick to African American. I am sure that makes a difference.

Maybe one day I won't have to fill in my ethnicity when applying for a state ID,a job...that would be nice.


I didn't say the descriptor of 'black' was the problem. The problem is building an identity upon and having a large amount of pride in the color of one's skin. This is why racism (in general) hurts black people more than asians or whites. If you build your identity on the foundation of your skin color a racial slur cuts to the core. This is why were are not ready to be a color blind society, not because of racism but because of race pride. As if the color of one's skin has anything to do with the content of one's character.

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