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December 02, 2010


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Maddie - Saukville

Can I get that 11.67 minutes of my life back with a couple of aspirin please?

The young lady who appeared to be an emcee of sorts, she said it, the power is here referring to Czar Jones. Did she or anyone ask him where the hope was? They don't seem to be feeling it yet. So now we know that they are holding Tony Hayward's feet to the fire, and I'm sure he is really, really ascared but who is it that the Sarah Boyle, if only she weren't so woefully talentless, wannabe is supposed to keep Stockton from becoming Katrina's bitch sista? I didn't hear Obama's name there?


Oh man, that's better. There's some hope and promise for the future. UW Medical, SMART and Purcell stories that are especially encouraging. Temple veins receding, bp dropping, whew, thank God and thank Messmer.

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