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November 22, 2010


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Imagine how different the response if this was happening under GBW.


it WAS happening under bush. Scanners just weren't widely prevalent until the panty bomber and the subsequent "omg teh muslims" pants wetting hysteria.

besides, there were quite a few other things bush was doing that was a bit more outrageous. things that were actually found unconstitutional and such.


"...a bit more outrageous"

Hmmm... you mean like targeting terrorists phone call outside of the country. Or shutting down the flow of money to known terrorist organizations.

Those "outrageous" actions?

derek=street dancer on 9/11


I hope you're not talking aboout the "warrantless wiretapping." Because if you are, you should know that phrase was thrown around in the media to make it sound like George Bush and the CIA were listening in on your phone calls to Grandma when in fact they were intercepting calls coming from outside the U.S. from already suspected terrorists, which does not require a warrant. As for the "'omg teh muslims' pants wetting hysteria," I may not have wet myself, but I was near hysteria that day I found out planes were being flown into buildings and we had no way of knowing where or when the next attack would occur. I am all for security, but this will not stop anyone from blowing people up in an airport terminal.


I recall three hour wait lines in the airport for the majority of the 00's.. did you all not fly then?

I remember getting pink-lined twice, for what I have no idea, though I nearly missed both flights because of it.

..but man if Bush was... wait I mean if it was NOW and Bush was.. wait... if it was 1999 and Bush was... f--k!

I'm starting to believe its you conservatives who wont let Bush's Presidency go... I mean Cheney's Presidency, sorry.


Kool-aid at 3 a.m. Chris? Sounds as though you still have a problem with Bush. I never mentioned the guy... just policies enacted at that time.

BTW I was still flying pre- and post 9/11. Was so frustrated after I gave up my career in publishing. And moved to a caring non-profit job. Imagine that... a conservative that cares about people... and took a 20K pay cut.

James T.

Enhanced interrogation is torture to the left, while enhanced pat-downs is molestation to the right?

What's wrong with this picture? - James T on Twitter

Maddie - Saukville

I didn't fly before 9/11 and so I took a train to Colorado a few years ago for a friend's wedding. I missed my return ride and was going to wait another day for the next departure but got talked into flying back with other returning guests. I was so freaked out at the thought of flying that I was singled out for extra special screening in Denver. I have to say, I didn't think it was that big of a deal. I don't know if it was job required if it would make a difference to me going through it frequently or not. What bothers me most about this however is the people who say neither the scanner nor the pat downs are effective. Maybe it's time for a President of Jewish descent.

Maddie - Saukville

I wish Farley was still with us. Following the pretty girls up with him in drag saying it will probably be me may have resulted in loss of bladder control.


Joyce how on earth do you get that I have a problem with Bush after what I wrote?

You say I'm "drinking the Kool-Aid" and then... nothing. Great point! Wow you are sooooo intelligent with your responses I can hardly keep up!

And then you espouse yourself to philanthropy because you took a pay cut at a non-profit in order to help people... congratulations. You still proliferate the fleecing of the middle class by supporting rich 1% tax cuts and NAFTA.

Way to go, you're a true Patriot.


Wow, this is like topic hopscotch. Anyway, although I still maintain that the patdowns are just for show, it's been suggested that they've been making a big show about feeling people up because they want you to decline the patdown and opt for the backscatter...but why? What do the scanners tell them that feeling around your crotch doesn't? Is it just that they want to have the pictures on file? Is it time for me to break out my tinfoil hat?


"You still proliferate the fleecing of the middle class by supporting rich 1% tax cuts and NAFTA."

And you have proof of this statement?

Ditto. "Wow you are sooooo intelligent with your responses..."

Unfortunate you keep on assuming you know me... and other conservatives.


what the F.Chris ,your a dumb ass.

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