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October 27, 2010


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Maddie - Saukville

Obama on Sharpton? Race baiters have to stick together.

Post partisan politics? Really?! The most transparent government ever? What?!

So he claims there are no blue states or red states but clearly, he still puts great weight in his belief of black states and white states, a typical liberal, hypocrite, they all doth protest too much.

So what's with all the enemies talk? Who did George Bush refer to as enemies, Al Qaeda, Hussein (the old Iraqi dictator, not the new American one). He didn't even use the term referring to nations or governments in the war on terror, you're with us or you're against us. You can maybe argue that being against us is the same thing as saying you're our enemy but he didn't actually use the word. Obama bows to these types and calls his fellow citizens, people of good conscience (of course he'd agree to disagree and confront a different opinion from his by saying he won the election so shut up), enemies and absolutely, what would have been the nation's unfaltering drumbeat if this was still W? But it never would be W because he is a man of respect and class.

I can't add much more than what JTH says, disgusting, disgraceful. I can't bring myself to say that I hate him, hatred is reserved for a very specific type but I don't respect him at all, I can't stand him, he is a constant source of embarrassment and I'm giving my opinion finally that he is in fact a complete failure. So much for changing the political landscape, so much for restoring hope, so much for building respect for and restoring the integrity of America in the world.

Here's for hoping we can survive another two years with this very poor example of a man and undo his more destructive changes. Utterly stomach turning, repugnant, honestly I would expect better even from the far left.

2012 can't get here fast enough.


So I'm an enemy. I'll remember that on 11/02/2010, 04/15/2011, and 11/06/2012.

And since I'm the enemy I'd like to see his long form birth certificate and his college transcripts.


Not an enemy necessarily, just stupid.

If there is something mysterious about a guy with 2 autobiographies.... then you're doing it all wrong, not everyone else.


Impeachment will put a wet blanket on 2012 for the commie jackass.
Stay tuned TerryN the documents you and everyone long to see will be a big part of his trial.
He thinks we are "enemies" now?
What will he call us when we kick his commie ass out?


F-U derek. You remind me of that new Pixar flick coming out with that blue big headed alien guy that thinks he's the smartest dude on the planet. Just like him, your a cartoon.


Frank just read derek like this:

You people blah blah blah stupid blah blah blah conservatives blah blah blah blame Bush blah blah blah ...


it would be one thing if he referred to our actual enemies as enemies too
but he won't call muslim terrorists enemies, just hard-working, god-fearking, freedom-loving capitalist conservatives


gnat you are such a nimrod!
You seriously are in need of a lobotomy.

Two autobiographies. LOL
They are a dime a dozen or in the commie jackass's case worthless.

What does that have to do with what we are talking about.

I don't know whether to feel sorry for you or keep laughing at you.

Yeah...keep laughing.
My sympathy would be unwanted by you and laughing keeps me healthy!


D., are you really that clueless or are you once again just trying to get people riled up for your own entertainment? Just because he has two autobiographies does not mean they are factual - he can put anything in them he wants.


PC... D isn't "clueless"... likely just dropped on his head when young... and possibly raised by 60s radicals.

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