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September 01, 2010


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James, Thank you for posting this.

I am familiar with many of these great men from a video I received earlier this year.

"Setting The Record Straight
American History in Black & White."
What an awesome video. Everyone should be encouraged to watch it. Especially people who love going back to the time of slavery but don't want to know how successful and well respected Black Men really were.
Yeah I guess it doesn't fit with their agenda!


They all served very short terms. Was that the trend for all, and if so, how did we end up with the lifers we have now?

James T.

They had much to contend with: Knight Riders, death threats etc. Eventually Democrats were able to silence black Republicans with reconstruction.

Judy C.

This is an awesome video. I never knew this many black men served served as senators and representatives. They look so distinquished and proud.

Truly this was the original hope and change


Thx JT
did i git 'em all ?
Virginia, N.Carolina, S.Carolina, Georgia, Missisippi, Alabama, and Louisiana... these were not appointed, they were elected by da people of these states ! many were re-elected.


I do find it interesting that they are all from southern states. Thanks for posting this, James.

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