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August 10, 2010


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Andrea A.

Hopefully I am able to listen, but if not, I'd like to offer my piece on this topic.... After long thoughts about this, my feeling is that this is just another way of ministering and reaching out to non-believers. Our children should and can be witnesses as well. .... just my thoughts :) Have a wonderful & thought provoking conversation tomorrow! ;-)


I must agree with Andrea. My daughter went to K and 1st at a parochial school...but we found that since her classmates were also fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, she wasn't learning how to interact with children of other (or even no faith). I understand the desire to want to provide a strong Christian education and upbringing ... but in my opinion that is the responsibility of the parents, not the school. Instead, I want my daughter to learn how the real world is, how to interact with those of other/no faiths, and how to be a witness to others through her actions.

I was a product of K-12 parochial schools. College was a culture shock, to put it mildly. I ended up learning a lot of personal lessons on life and personal interaction in my first year at the U of A, that I should have learned years earlier... We are hoping and praying that through this experience she is more tempered in the fires of trial and tribulation than we were.

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