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August 22, 2010


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James T said "As the new crescent moon ushers in Ramadan"

it appears to be waxing but soon it will be waning at least if you are willing to look within yourself and tell your God you embraced the belief, to all live together in peace we "must begin in our own hearts, and our own communities".

I honestly have not seen it here in this community so maybe you are right James.


You people make this too easy

Bush celebrating Ramadan


I'll tell you what, you people do something original, and i might think you actually care about the topics you because it looks like you're just obeying your republican overlords and going with whatever talking point of the day they have.


James T.

Golly Derek! Can you at least let "us people" respond. All I did was post the Ayatollah in chiefs comments and you start projecting.

Chill dude.


gnat has a reputation for shooting off too soon.
And the medication doesn't seem to help.
Poor gnat. :(


Maddy & James - he couldn't even form a coherent sentence that time. I think we touched a nerve...


PC, gnat has an attention deficiency problem.
When he isn't getting the right kind of attention he disappears!


derek. Now if the current CinC can just bring himself to give attention to the National Day of Prayer... an annual event that includes ALL religions.

puto... nice coexist message. Can you deliver that to the guys who enjoy chopping off heads and mistreating women?


Joyce, Burn and Snap!!


The national day of prayer was ruled unconstitutional.


Yea derek... go figure... ruled by a judge in the peoples republic of Madison... can't get more lefty than that!

BTW the event went ahead... even huffpo reported it: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/06/national-day-of-prayer-20_n_566525.html

James T.

Now I remember why I kicked you to the curb!!! I knew it was for a good reason but I can be so forgetful and too forgiving at times.

You creeped us out! You were like stalking Maddy! That last line of yours jogged my memory.



puto... you make assumptions, and like Chris tend to put words in my mouth. Where did I say: "all Muslims want to cut our heads off..."

Never used this myself... "I must now ask you when you were a kid how did "but mom all the other kids are doing it" work?" The grass was green enough for me in my yard. Why do you assume you know how everyone reacts?

Maddie - Saukville

I don't think all Muslims want to cut off my head, just every one I've ever seen or heard. Well, that's not true, some would be happy flying me and a few hundred of my countrymen into the side of an office building killing a few thousand more of my countrymen or whoever else happens to have the misfortune of being there (murder with discretion isn't in vogue), but that isn't as practical, it's probably about 97/3 decapitation/mass murder by 767.


Puto, you mean this Cat Stevens?

From Wiki:

"The singer attracted controversy in 1989, during an address to students at London's Kingston University, where he was asked about the fatwa calling for the death of author Salman Rushdie. The media interpreted his response as support for the fatwa. Yusuf released a statement the following day denying that he supported vigilantism, and claiming that he had merely recounted the legal Islamic punishment for blasphemy. "

Maddie - Saukville

Cat Stevens is dead. Do you mean Yusuf Islam? Yes, absolutely, yes. I believe Yusuf Islam has stated opinions that express his vision of Islam is not as a religion of peace and that under Islam law, those who do not believe everything that he believes are not real human beings, they are infidels and it is his duty to God to destroy them, mercilessly, indifferently, and that deeds as such shall be rewarded in the next life.

Clear enough?

How can they change my attitude? Well, if they'd stop murdering as many people as possible in the name of God for starters, end their Crusades, oops, I mean Jihads, build a museum in Mecca where open minded artists could say portray Allah or Muhhamad in a vat of urine, then perhaps if the most prominent Imams named a sort of Muslim Pope, a Mope who publicly denounced terrorists and each and every one of their heinous acts, explain how the religion of peace in no way encourages or condones such acts and does not represent the truly faithful followers of Islam who wish only to live in peace with everyone be they Christian, Jew, Mormon, Hindu, Taoist, agnostic, atheist, etc., i.e., that people of good conscience can disagree with one another, perhaps never to see eye to eye but on God's green Earth not have to hate them for it.

I could be persuaded.


OMG Maddie, You are on Fire Today!
Thanks for making me smile!


Wait a second! I thought we were talking about Cat Stevens?

puto, you have the unique ability not to be able to distinguish between the fringe crazies that all groups have, liberal and conservative and the 80 million radical muslims who have sworn to overthrow the west.

Your favorite Imam Rauf has some 'splainin to do.


Really puto... "but I guess you were more interested in trying to insult then debate."

Can you please copy/paste the insult.
Did you mean: "nice coexist message." OR "the guys who enjoy chopping off heads and mistreating women?"

Or "putting words in my mouth..." You said muslims... I said: "the guys".

Learning to read is fundamental. Comprehending what one reads so very important. Don't you agree?


I'm back. Bugs were biting way to bad. Joyce.. " Learning to read is fundamental", lol. Good one. ;)

Maddie - Saukville

Read my post again puto-not most or all, just every one I've ever seen or heard.

Christianity has had to answer relentlessly for its heinous acts in the name of God but let's not forget, the Crusades were a long time ago in terms of a human scale and no one can say that the Church hasn't seen that burning people at the stake for example isn't acceptable just because an individual may pray to Abraham or Shiva or Elohim or Yu-huang, etc., rather than the Son, the Father or the Holy Spirit. That would be called tolerance. Christians who may have taken the Biblical theme to not have any Gods before the one true God and in part justified the murder of those who differed were equally wrong and equally evil.

Islam needs to realize that if they are capable of co-existence, the message isn't getting out and it is their own fault because God knows they've had countless opportunities to condemn individuals, groups, movements, nations who practice what they preach and the only sermons the rest of the world ever hears from the so-called religion of peace start with ka-booms and end at the tips of dull blades.

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