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June 05, 2010


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Beautiful snapshot... thanks for sharing.

The WH press room crone has obviously never opened a Bible to find out the Jewish people living in Israel are home. The crazy lady believes the Jews originated in Poland and Germany... and in her delusional outburst suggested they should vacate Israel and go home.

Jesus was born into a Jewish family. Holy places: Room of the Last Supper, Via Dolorosa and the Garden Tomb are located in what is know known as the West Bank. So Helen is another dumb liberal who doesn't know history... and doesn't know when it's time for her to go.

Stay safe James T.


Helen dear, time to retire.

Maddie - Saukville

Great Pic JTH.

Joyce, does Helen remember that little incident from even more recent history, what was it called...oh yeah, WORLD WAR II?!


Hope you and your family have a wonderful time there!

(Helen Thomas needs to read her Bible to learn the history of the Jews, God's chosen people, and His redeeming plan for His people.)

Amanda Smith

I doubt Helen Thomas thinks that Judiasm originated in Poland and Germany. So thats a totally ridiculous statement.
Secondly,even the tragedy of WWII doesnt make any of those countries not the "home" of any of those Jews. They tried to flee what was their "home" at that time.
Therefore, why is it an aweful thing to tell them to "go home"? She doesnt think Israel should exist so that makes her a racist idiot? It appears, however, that she was raised Greek Orthodox Christian, whatever that means, it doesnt sound like she paid much attention to the Old Testament. But does everyone in the world really have to believe that Israel must exist?


Those of us who love Israel, and who understand what the Scriptures say about that nation are thrilled that you (and your family, if they're with you) are able to visit it right now, James. Be safe, be blessed, and be a blessing.


Amanda, it's not that Israel must exist. It's that it DOES exist. The Jordainian Arabs that have mystically become palestinians were offered a chance to live in peace with Israel when it was re-created in '48. They chose to leave in the belief that upstart Israel would be decimated by the other Arab Nations.

Instead, Israel kicked major ass and took many names. Since then, the world seems bent on eradicating Israel and the Jews from the planet. Hamas, Hezbollah, et al can do anything they want, and there's hardly a peep. Yet, tiny Israel dares defend herself, and the world goes into collective apoplexy. Also, the UN has become nothing more than a safe haven for those Nations who hate Israel and will see her destroyed at any price.

That Thomas seems clueless to all this is telling. Her ill advised statement speaks volumes. Apparently, the Rabbi who filmed that has more he's releasing this week.

Amanda Smith

So the answer is yes. Yes everyone must believe that Israel must exist. And also if any Jew lives in any country other that Israel, that is not their home. Ok. I got it.



I totally agree with you. The next question is, Should Israel's existence include continued expansion in the West Bank and East Jerusalem and Golan Heights? As Americans we collectively support the cuase of the Cuban people who were forced out of their homes, have their proerties ceased and had to flee their homeland for for South Florida. There are Palestinians who still have deeds to homes they were foced out of. How different is their cause than say the Cubans that we sympathize with?

Israel have every right to exist, it has every right to protect the security of its homeland and people. But when atrocitoes are committed in the name of security, people like Thomas are lead to make ignorant statements like those. Israel does have something more serious to worry about though, soon they will be fighting an enemy from within because while they are busy enforcing an unjust blockade, the Palestinan population in Israel is burgeoning.

They may also want to re examinne their treatment their Falashas, Ethiopian Jews in Israel.



Thomas's comment aside. You seem to be forgetting that the Rachel Corey was attacked in international waters. If the UN condemns North Korea for breach of any protocol governing soverieign nations, it should also condemn Israel for this act of obvious terror.

If, on the other hand, the crew of the Rachel Corey ignored Israel demand for inspection of its cargo in Israeli territory that would be provocation; and Israel's action would constitute security.


BIM, I didn't forget. While Israel was wrong in boarding in Int'l waters, those were NOT peace activists. It was a setup from the get go. The UN tries to condemn Israel if they fart, so they, the UN, have no credibility. They are a haven for those who would destroy that tiny little country that carries a big friggin' stick. The flotilla, BTW, was offered to dock at Asdod, Inspection of cargo, then transport of the "aid" along with the other 100 trucks Israel sends in. They had options. They chose confrontation.

Amanda, if you want to believe Israel doesn'
t have a right to exist, that's your right, no one said different. Millions of Arabs and others agree with you. Home is where you are. I also understand that much of the the world will always hate Jews. Nothing will change that.

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