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October 05, 2009


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We're gonna get you to spell it right one of these days... it's T U C S O N !...lol... welcome to the desert, enjoy the global warming!


TheBigSchmoog....LOL, I think James does it intentionally to see if he can get a good natured rise out of you.

And according to the libs on this site correct spelling is not part of our lives any more. It is old fashioned to use correct spelling, punctuation and good grammar.

Its a freaking free for all. Hooray!

James T.

Hey! I'm dyslexic! Cut it out you're hurting my feelings!

James T.

There! Fixed it... I think? :-)


Aaaaahhhh much better. =)


Welcome back BOOTYPRIEST!!


JT you are too funny! Thanks for the pic....its always good to rub it in our face that its COLD here in the midwest already. TEEE HEEE


I miss palm trees! JT, did you go to this restaurant: http://elguerocanelo.com/index2.html? I've never been there, but it's a nice website.

Here's a good way to remember how to spell "Tucson": think "tukee son."

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