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August 29, 2009


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What tv did he watch because I watched from S. Florida at the time and all I saw were sad reports from reporters who made it inside to where people were trapped. Those reporters stated food shortages, water shortages, people dying in wheelchairs. I heard reports of thugs running around scarring people with their guns. But I never heard a report of blacks looting. I saw people go into stores and take food and reports of people saying they were sorry but had no choice. And I felt for them and they were right to take food in a situation like that.

I also wondered how the reporters could get in and out but helped not one person they reported on, while they bashed officials outside of the local government for lack of help.

However if KW is correct, then why didn't he also include that Bush hates old people as many of them were left behind to die in their nursing homes too.

People who were there were there because they didn't leave and head the warnings of the governement and the news reporters. They didn't think something of this magnitude would happen.

It was a tragedy and I know people who were affected. They were white and no one reported about them.

It's all about the narrative.


These two are still blaming? Watch Holmes On Homes (Mike Holmes, a Canadian) segment on rebuilding in New Orleans (aired Aug 29, anniversary of Katrina). Brad Pitt involved in Make It Right Foundation getting 9th Ward residents back in the homes.

Blame Game time has expired. MoveOn crowd is not moving on.


I find it interesting that people still can't get over this hurricane. Funny how the 2009 midwest ice storm was barely mentioned in the media. Thousands and thousands of people went without power for a week in the ice cold and the media certainly didn't hype this natural disaster.


I lived in Houston, during Katrina, and the more recent Ike, which hit Houston.

I felt like driving to New Orleans, when Ike hit us last year, for handouts, etc. My house was leaking, power out, but, it did not flood. I didn't live below sea level in Houston.

Days after Katrina's flood which caused the Levy to break in New Orleans, many people were taken to Houston, and housed in the Astrodome, and Reliant Stadium.

I worked, as a VOLUNTEER Medical Provider, for a total of about 30hrs over 4 days. This was providing medical services for anybody in some way involved in the Katrina flood.

(Remember, N.O. really wasn't hit by the Hurricane Katrina, the levy broke from the flooding) (People, you live UNDER the sea level!)

I could talk about all the abuses to the system involved in this, but at least many people were helped in the outpouring of private and federal aid.
We weren't just helping a certain color of people.

Lauren, did your area, get the live feed, of a reporter interviewing looters, and one of them was a N.O. Police officer, in uniform? I heard she actually got fired as a result. Yea, some of the looters really needed those big screen TV's and stereos they were taking!

It's all about race, to a racist mentality. (pertaining to the guy in the video)


@Todd - yes I watched live news coverage. I'm sure there were some morons. Always are. My point was that to say Bush hates black people is ignorant and that what was broadcast was the narrative I mentioned and for those people who went into grocery stores for food I said good for them. We cannot be so ridged with our beliefs that a starving man or family should not eat because there is no one to pay in a tragedy which it was. NO was a tragedy. For all people, old, young, black or white. Race baiters I have no tolerance for.

Maddie - Saukville

Looting and scarring was the best of the behavior reported! Do you recall the reports of rape squads in the dome, of the bodies piled ten high among the refugees, the murders that had people afraid to sleep on their cots, total anarchy? And, oops, none of it true.

Was this clip from something recent? Why the redux now otherwise? They say days have passed, I'm assuming its from four years ago. If it is, I'd like to know, I think that's Mike Myers, I don't know the other man, KW Kanye West is all who comes to mind, what would he have to say about the people still living in the FEMA trailers? I have no idea what their race or backgrounds are, if you're still sitting on the roof, so to speak, waiting for the government to swoop in, you need your head examined.

Lauren, I came to a realization with the Gates incident and the President's stupidly made comments in particular. I'll give him the initial statements as he admitted he didn't know the facts and that his response could have been more emotion than logic, though in a President I'm not certain you want emotion controlling the mouth so much as logic. His comments after the beer summit, we'll have to agree to disagree, that is where I really fault him. After having the facts, it should have been clear that Crowley was no racist, was doing his job as we would want any officer of the law to do it and that he had not acted stupidly. We'll have to agree to disagree continues to deny the reality of the matter and continues to put Crowley in a bad light. The President had additional opportunities to say the right thing, was asked do you regret the acted stupidly comments, and responded no, not at all. The President is a race baiter.

I hate race baiters more than I hate racists. I can see a racist and I can understand him. I don't agree with him, I think he's ignorant, hateful and a poor excuse for a human being but I can say that is what he is and that's it. The race baiter though, the one who knows that he isn't talking about an actual incident of racism but makes the decision to try to gain an advantage as if it were, that is so much worse. What are his motives? What benefit is there to be had to be willing to damage one condemned party? Does it put the other party in a better light? I don't see how it really can, whether one party was wronged or not and race was not an issue, how could it? It certainly trivializes actual racist incidents, that can be quite horrific such as Emmett Till. It certainly detracts from the acts of courage of people like Rosa Parks (though Ms Parks might humbly say she was just tired from work and didn't want to stand).

We might be getting close to that promised land where men are judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin, indeed the President should be a beacon that we are on the right path but I fear the baiters are still going to be there too and never would I have expected the President to be one of them. On the other hand, twenty years listening to the likes of Jeremiah Wright and hanging out with the likes of William Ayers...

Maddie - Saukville

(channeling Derek)

Two points I wanted in there-

Your character is in part determined by the company you keep.

Notice how the left is not bashing this President over refusing to acknowledge reality.


I wonder if they know that Bush admin offered support to Louisiana governor, who declined...

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