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August 30, 2009


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This is the epitome of taking The Lords name in vain!

Is it over now? Is dead ted buried in the ground? Can we stop the ridiculous charade of what a God fearing, poor people loving, do good-er he was.
What charities did he nobly will some of his massive wealth to? He didn't help one person but himself in life and I don't expect to see any thing different in death.

His big schtick was just to pander to the less fortunate and try and pass useless legislation that hasn't changed their plight in all of his years. He was a stupid self centered slob for the majority of his life.
But I am sure as I type this the Irish Catholics are trying to find a picture of dead ted without his red veined nose to put on a Holy Card.

St.dead ted kennedy, champion of the poor and helper of none, laugh-er of Mary Jo jokes, and a coward who definitely got away with murder right before our very eyes.


We're we expecting that the Dems would use this funeral as a means to push for their health care plan? Are we really surprised?

Let's remember past funerals:

* Sen. Paul Wellstone's funeral was used as a political rally for Walter Mondale: https://www.weeklystandard.com/content/public/articles/000/000/001/830clrob.asp

* Coretta Scott King's funeral was used as a political tool to express anti-Iraq war sentiment and bash President Bush, *who was in attendance* at the funeral: https://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,184044,00.html

Never let a crisis go to waste ...


health care is not a right, it was never was and never will be, if it was a right, then the whole system woudl collapse, because rights cannot be tied down to monetary values yet health care most certainly can.


LegioNofZioN, Insightful thoughts as usual.

Maddie - Saukville

Well, this is in the tradition of the man, use children, use minorities, use the elderly, use whoever you can who will believe they are getting something they want to get what you want.

I'm not certain who the woman was introducing this but it should have been Nancy Pelosi: The Senate recognizes the young gentleman from yada-yada. Hey, that's where their words came from after all.

Healthcare a right....oh well, who is John Galt?


Stooping to an all-time low...

dvd vierge

I thing health care should be right for nation health.
But it should be condition so that government can effort that.


government can't "effort" anything.
Examples are in abundance from many years back right up to cash for clunkers a month ago.
national health care is abysmal in Europe and Canada.
The quality and timeliness of care is horrible. The goverments can't afford to cover all of the people in a healthful manner and people are being
misdiagnosed and put on "medication only" when they aren't dying of anything.
85% of people like their health care insurance. Many people don't pay monthly for health care. They pay out of pocket and pay less because they pay cash, because the majority of people are NOT have catastrophic issue' every minute of every day.
I wish just ONCE the people who want hussein's health care would point out all of the benefits and point out in the bill where we are wrong in our assessment of what they want to do.

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