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January 01, 2009


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Have a great vacation.

Meanwhile, where will people go for conservative blog posts and political discussion?

Are there any other sites like that?



Your office. The one with the big umbrella and the cool ocean breeze? I am green with envy. Oh and as for that drink, I will Fed Ex you a Corona as soon I get off the puter. Hugs !!!

Andrea A.

Happy New Year James & everyone! May we all be blessed this year with nothing but good things. Enjoy your well earned vacation James. :)



Enjoy your vacation in the land of my parents birth . Make sure you soak up the sun, hit the beach everyday and get some of that good marijuana, lol; better than the corona Diana will FEDEX you.
Best wishes to you and The National Conversation in '09.
To everyone else Blessings and all that is good for the New Year. Maddie, Sharon, Legion and Derek... much respect and Luv to ya'll man.


Thanks BlackinMiami, and to all on here a belated Merry Christmas and a happy New Year !

God bless and keep all of you and your loved ones, in the name of the Most High.

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Like a certain medieval hot period that has been "smoothed" out of existence just because it was inconvenient. But then again, that must not be a "surprise" to you and all those "respected scientists" you talk of. Because to you it is clearly all about respect really and how you get to that position where you have it so you can throw it around like it adds up to something, everything else is just a background.

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