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November 01, 2008


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Beautiful, baby, beautiful! I'm ordering one as soon as I log off the site. I will wear it proudly !!!


Damn James, you shoulda put these up for holloween. I could've dressed up like an Uncle Tom beggin ass Coon. We coulda matched!!

James Idol

I'm rushing to buy one, about as fast as I'm rushing to elect this person as VP.



James, you look like a guy I served in the USMC with.

Could that be you?

Semper Fi.

Chris from Racine

Just bought one James - while waiting for you on Fox & Friends...


1. I want a shirt but only if I can get it autographed! I love you James.

2. Will - Are you one of those Black "Christians" who follow the way of Christ, and the 10 commandments that says 'thou shall not kill', 'thou shalt not worship a false god (Obama)'?

Yeah. Some Christians. "I'm going to vote for the baby killer who stands AGAINST everything Christ stood for, caz he's black."

I wish I had a Will shirt so I could have dressed up as a fraud who is only voting for a guy because of the color of his skin at the risk of his soul for Halloween.


Wow... Still hate for a man who is standing up for what he believes? Yeah. Let's defend the millionaire who is spending millions of dollars on infomercials while his Illegal aunt lives in the SLUMS of Boston walking with a metal pipe instead of a proper cane, cause he's gonna help our country when he can't help his own family. JAMES ROCKS! I JUST BOUGHT MY SHIRT!!


Will do you realize how ignorant you sound


Great shirt James!

Steve Williams

James, Why don't you make a T-shirt that says:

James "Tom" Harris

"House Boy 21"

"21st Century Yea Sur!"

Steve Williams

White folk still look at you as a "n----r" first. Before they see a James T. Harris. Do you really think these right wing white republicans are really going to accept you as one of theirs? Your are just their token "Black Minstrel". Quit being their dancing clown you fool. Republicans believe in the "Right to Life" and the "Death Penalty" they want it both ways.

Random Liberal Democrat

I think I'll pass on your t-shirt. I just saw another Obama-mama shirt that I just HAVE to add to my collection!....

"In OBAMA I Trust!"

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