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October 29, 2008


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It never ceases to amaze me how dumb your stories are. I check for pure entertainment to see what you're crying about each day. "Apparently, some of the Obama-ites were minorities -- which really shouldn’t matter, but some people (liberals) seem to think it does ...." LOL... if it shouldn't matter and you're so arrogant about how it shouldn't, why do YOU mention it? You really are preaching to the white, far right-wing choir. Keep confirming those stereotypes bro.

James T.

It's ok to admit it. You love me! You really love me!


Your right JT! Those damn liberals are all jerks. All conservative campaign workers were born from pixie dust and are perfect little angels with tolerance and respect for all!

You know darn well that there are always bad apples.

I am still waiting for you to post something intellectual and interesting.....

Fired Up

Your logic baffles me. Using your logic the chick who made up the attack story probably turned off McCain supporters, thus creating even more backlash than these few clowns. Is that how it works?

James T.


You sound very stressed man. You ok?


Even Fox news had to defend Obama on this one.

Oh, I love you James I just don't agree with everything you say but that's ok, right???

James T.

Conversation is the spice of life!


Hey James, my love :-) tell me this isn't true...it looks like i see a glimps of your radio web page in this video.


James T.

It's true.

The real shame is the whole story was a spoof that one of our guys did, that got pick up and flipped by Obama's people.

These guys feel really bad about it. Oh well.


Not all liberals are jerks but you come in announcing your are from the campaign,insult your restraunt before you get your food(never a great idea) and go to innocent people and call them racists.
Now I had a very nice Obama supporter come to my door, put up with my barking dog and try nicely to get me to vote for Obama. I respect him even if I disagree.

You catch more honey with bees than vinegar.



Stressed? Not really. Sad maybe. Especially when I hear people wispering in corners, "Is Obama a terrorist?... I heard such and such," because the of daily smears that are going around.

When did it become Vogue to liken your campaign opponent a terrorist and stoop to these levels of deception and anti-intellectualism?

Still waiting for you to start using that intelligence I know you have to start making your points. When will you start doing that? Or will you always be trying to convince people that oil will magically regenerate and bubble up forth from the Earth and other such ridiculous statements..(by the way that is the day I stopped listening to your show.)

James T.


What if Obama is a terrorist! Wouldn't that make for a great made for TV movie?

Why so closed-minded? They found oil on Mars... or was that ice? Anyway that was a good show. Lefties crack me up on what they think they know. Diminishing natural resources... right! That's like saying God lacks imagination! Oh, we’re running out of oil, we using up the earth, the sun is burning out!

It’s mans fault!
But I digress.

You need to lighten up Francis.

Stop being sad. You should here the stuff I hear... for real! State your point with a smile on your face and love in your heart and roll on.

If that doesn’t work for ya, pray. Do both! As Björk says, “There’s more to life than this.”


These folks who work at the restaurant were not right-wingers like me. I'm sure some of them were Obama supporters themselves.

Not anymore!!!!

Yeah, because a few idiots who vote for Obama are gonna turn everyone else that votes for him off???

Your logic is idiotic, twisted, and plain dumb. I feel dumber for even reading that story.


"Yeah, because a few idiots who vote for Obama are gonna turn everyone else that votes for him off???"

People base their vote on sillier notions, so why not this?!?


.....am handing davidb some of my Prozac.


James...I wonder myself who the Obama campaign grabs to work for them. Of course it goes hand in hand with wondering who Obama has hung out with in the past. Seems to be a pattern of radical thinkers who all think about the same....so many refuse to see these truths because they don't want to believe anything bad about Obama. They just hate Bush and would not care if they put Osama Bin Laden in office if it got rid of Bush.

As for Obama I have yet to see him walk on water since he seems to be the "chosen one" but since Hollywood loves him so much...I am sure they will make him look like he can.

Keep standing your ground...I am proud to be a clear thinking American standing next to you.

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