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October 22, 2008


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Dallas? You're a sellout James T. Harris! How dare you go to Dallas when your allegiance is with Wisconsin and our beloved Packers!!! Sellout!!!!

Tired of The Ignorance!

Here's what we know about James, you can dish it out, but you can't take it. No James you are the one clean, articulate (some what) but from the CNN perspective definitely WEAK


I have totally eaten there! YUM. Great choice.

Joe Biden can't seem to keep his mouth shut! What is up with him? Does he not want Obama elected? His "prophecy" is kinda freaky....now what would have happened if it was Sarah Palin that said that? Can you say WITCH HUNT?

Hang in there James...


Here is a tip for future blog posts. Don't speak as though everyone knows what your talking about. Put some links in to back up your comments so others can at least TRY to understand what it is your talking about.


That's the place to go late at night. Good food. God Bless you James, keep up the great work!

james 'the sambo' harris

Find any flabby asses in Dallas to lick and suck, step & fetch? Since McCain used and tossed you like a three-day old salad left in the trash, isn't time to latch your lips onto another MASSA?


Have a safe trip home. God bless you!


We love you here James! thanks for standing up for your beliefs! You DO speak for us! I'm white, and I bow down to you! You're the best!

To those attacking James all the time, whose the real racist?

Someone who is pro-life, pro-American dream, pro-small business, pro-freedom of speech standing with his convictions and voting for the man who he feels will best represent his beliefs...

Or a person who will vote for someone because they are the same skin color, qualified or not?

I thought Liberals were pro-choice...

yet they're always knocking on people's right to choose McCain!

Tim Gaburungyi

Well we the proudly liberal people in here are progressively, pro-change, pro-transformation, pro-intellectualism, pro-freedom, pro-democracy, pro-unity and we believe America has been held back by divisive and intolerant people who will place their religious and social values ahead of our need for progressive and able government. We rigorously seek individuals with sound judgment and trust them with the management of the fundamentals of our society e.g Foreign Policy, Defense, Law Enforcement, Economic development. We value the integrity and substance of astute and intellectually inquisitive Americans.


Can't wait to have ya back James! Be safe.

Tim Gaburungyi

The real fiscally responsible candidates are Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden. They have not spent tax payer’s money to campaign and have rather inspired Americans to get involved in the political process of their country. Senator McCain and Gov. Palin have roundly failed this test. Now the so called conservatives have spent $150,000 as political strategy to clothe Gov. Plain and her family. To put this in perspective, $150,000 is more than what the Palin family earned in 2007. These are fake conservatives!!



Brian Dunbar

Cafe' Brazi

Hunh. I lived in and around Dallas for nearly eight years and never set foot in the place.

If you're downtown at lunch, there used to be a _great_ burger stand at Elm Street and Stone Place. I just looked at it with Google Street View and it's hard to tell - but it might still be there.

Okay burgers, but great customer service. I went there for lunch maybe 3 or 4 times - then went to work in Addison. Came back two years later.

Lady at the counter looked hard at me and said 'You like the Number 4 with Doctor Pepper, yes'?

Yes I did. Awesome place.

The real fiscally responsible candidates are Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden. They have not spent tax payer’s money to campaign

This was after Senator Obama promised that he would accept public financing if I recall correctly.

Nothing says success like expedience I guess.


Thank you for the description Tim,
since you are able to intellectually voice your opinion, I 'm going to pull apart what you've said for some, as it pertains to what people have been saying about Mr. Harris, this is not finger pointing at you but rather towards the people who by their words would seem to be "acting" as die hard liberals. I do not believe that all the hate recently spewed is acceptable even on the left wing.
Pro-change: see pro transformation as they pertain to one another

Pro-transformation: The act of change...Mr. Obama has promised/preached change but his record shows a different story, he does not as McCain puts it "reach across the isle" which I'm sure all liberals can come up with some things conservatives are correct on just as I'm sure all conservatives can come up with some things liberals are correct on.

Pro-intellectualism: a devotion to the exercise of intellect, Mr Harris has made an intellectual decision albeit one that many disagree with, based on what from what I've read alot of disagreement is based on race.

Pro-freedom: The freedom to choose perhaps?

Pro-democracy: as taken from Websters 1 a: government by the people ; especially : rule of the majority b: a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections...for those who attack a man for who he decides to vote for please read the last two words of the definition again.

Pro-unity: as in there is not a latino race, white race, black race there is only the human race and we all bleed red.

"we believe America has been held back by divisive and intolerant people who will place their religious and social values ahead of our need for progressive and able government."...I have read more divisive, intolerant speach on hear from people who are putting their social values ahead of progress.


forgive my spelling errors I was on my way out the door

Tim Gaburungyi

John you should defend and exercise your right to think independently. Who defines what reaching across the aisle is? Who drew and defined the sides of the aisle? Who decided what a liberal value is and what a conservative value is? Are these definitions static? Senator Obama exhibited considerable intellectual independence and brought these tags into question during his speech to the DNC in 2004. “There is no Liberal or conservative America; there is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. The other huge con is that Senator McCain is better experienced and tested for the Presidency. That is the greatest hoodwink. Senator McCain is simply a highly experienced Senator and also a war hero. To my point, please list which of the past 43 Presidents have exploited Senatorial experience to govern America wisely.


The 15 presidents that were senators previous to becoming presidents are
1: James Monroe
2: John Quincy Adams
3: Andrew Jackson
4: Martin Van Buren
5: William Henry Harrison
6: John Tyler
7: Franklin Pierce
8: James Buchanan
9: Andrew Johnson
10: Benjamin Harrison
11: Warren G. Harding
12: Harry S. Truman
13: John F. Kennedy
14: Lyndon B. Johnson
15: Richard M. Nixon
Now which of these men exploited their senatortial experience to govern our country, unfortunatly I am too young to have seen any of these men in office. But I am quite positive that all of them utilzed or exploited their senatorial experience to get into office as otherwise they would be able to show little to no govenmental experience at all. Both of the men we see today looking to add the presidency to their resume' have expoited their own experience as senators because neither really has a whole lot more to show...yes I know that McCain was a P.O.W. and a war hero, and I know that Obama was a community orginizer, and a state senator but when push comes to shove it comes down to both of these mens personal choices in their life as well as in their positions, and their record. I have heard so many times how Senator McCain voted with President Bush 90% of the time, what I haven't heard alot about is how many of the votes included in that 90% were supported in mass by the democatic party, or how many were presented by them. The other thing I haven't heard much about is that Senator Obama voted along party lines 96% of the time. As to answer who defines what reaching across the isle is, who drew these lines, and what is a conservative or a liberal value. I have to say it would be we the people. These definitions are not static yet at the same time there are values or opinions which would seem to be predominantly held by the liberal or conservative base. These days there are many people who ride the middle, and they in this election as well as every other have to make their decision on who comes closest to agreeing with their views. That is what we have all had to do, I know that for many conservatives McCain was not their first choice, but he is the closest available to what we to our opinions, ideals, and values. As an admitted liberal and one that is informed on the issues can you honestly say that Obama was your first choice, or many liberals first choice, or are you too settling on the person closest to your opinions, ideals, and values?

Tim Gaburungyi

A timely pre-empt John. My next question was to request you to explain to me how people who are anti-abortion are also pro-small government? Where do these values intersect? I just picked two values as an example. How comes people who prefer to keep religion and government clearly separate are largely anti-death penalty? My point John, that these tags are a farce.

About the Presidents, my point exactly, you have listed only some out of 43 – and not all were good Presidents. Were not the other good Presidents in the past qualified? You will come back and say the others were Governors or Generals. Are all three roles similar? I argue that the intersecting trait is good judgment and the ability to inspire. I argue that the campaign period allows us to see who best carries these leadership qualities. I argue that while you may lean towards Sen. McCain, Senator Obama has not been found wanting in these qualities – he has rather exceeded expectations. America is marching towards a great future.

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