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October 19, 2008


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Jen Fad

James I am very sorry that you feel that you have been thrown out to the wolves by our people. There is no excuse for the hate mail and I want to apologize for that because our people are wrong for this. I do want to say to you that I viewed the CNN clip and I was deeply disappointed that you stormed off the set. It appeared to me that you were having a temper tantrum like some 2 year old child and further confirmed the stereotypes of black men being angry. If you had these preconditions like you are saying with this Kyra Phillips woman then you would have been better served to state that on air rather than writing this blog. Afterall CNN is viewed all over the World, isn't it? You owe your daughter an apology for conducting yourself in such a manner, because this isn't the way to handle a disagreement at all.

Jennifer Fadipe
Sayreville New Jersey


Hey James,
I saw your Uncle Tommin' ass on AOL Black Voices today! lmao. Nigga you worldwide now! You should see the comments from Americans across the country responding to your ignorant groveling episode! Keep attacking CNN, Don Lemon and the rest of the media. Keep attacking "liberals". Keep attacking Black people. Keep attacking Obama. Keep saying that Black people are mad at you for supporting McCain when you know that it really is because of your coonin & beggin to McCain. The fact of the matter is, no matter what you do or say, you are now known worldwide as America's #1 House Negro. I really do hope that you got paid. Happy trails sucka!

party of Lincoln

Jennifer, he doesn't owe CNN an apology. CNN owes him an apology. As a journalist, I know that it's the network's responsibility to behave with integrity -- it's not the guests responsibility to state preconditions on air. (Which are common and widespread in the industry.) I can only conclude that you have never had any dealings with broadcast journalism. It is foolhardy and wrongheaded to think that James should apologize to CNN for THEM breaking their promises.

real black

Carl, you are a disgrace. You use the same slanderous language as the KKK. You have more in common with them than you think.


Yeah. it was pretty obvious that Don was disgusted with you from the beginning and even though I can't blame him, journalist are supposed to be objective no matter how vile the person they are interviewing is. Now as far as Mr. Wynter you played yourself on that, there was no excuse for the way you behaved. You barely let the man get a sentence out before you threw a hissy fit and stormed off like a diva.You made a complete ass of yourself. I think you should have stuck to Fox news, you knew no one there would challenge you since you served as they're token negro to validate the biased reporting they do to denegrate Sen. Obama. I also noticed that you haven't been asked back for any interviews since Fox had no further use for you. Hopefully you will just fade into obscurity since they've moved on to Joe the plumber.
Oh and btw I now have a new found respect for the gorgeous Mr. Lemon because he got you good. twice!! That interview with him dogging you will live on in youtube history for years to come! The stupid look on you're face when he was reading those e-mails to you, forcing you to respond to them, only to cut you off at the end when you tried to defend yourself was priceless!! I laugh every time I watch it!!


"To make things worse, my daughter happened to hear host Lemming giving props to the Harris haters. She heard some of the things people were writing, which I had not shown her, and she burst into tears. "Why do they hate my daddy?!"

It's a shame you're kids had to go through that ordeal because you chose to thrust yourself into the spotlight and then go around giving interview to major news networks. What did you expect to happen? You were more concerned with getting a little media attention than the safety and well being of you're family. And now you're little girl knows that her daddy is a ass kissing uncle tom!! Way to go man, Father of the year! SMH

real black

J.P. -- yeah, right, it's James' fault that people (like you) stoop to shallow, race-mongering idiocy. It's his fault that you post complete crap. It's his fault that Lemon read that vapid nonsense on air and gave it legitimacy.


Kim Girl you ain't never lied. Don Lemon is fine as HELL!! Him and TJ Holmes make me happy to get up on the weekends to watch the news. ha ha. Now as far as you James it's sad that your kids had to be subjected to you begging some old white dude to attack the first black man ever to be a presidental nominee. I can't imagine my Daddy begging no man for anything. What kind of role model are you as a black father? No wonder Don treated you the way he did, it would be hard for any black man to respect you after the spectacle you made of yourself. Don Lemon is very pro black and one of the most respected journalist in the black community. He's acomplished more than your begging ass ever will so you should've been taking notes.


James, I admire you greatly for standing up for conservative principles - you and your family are in my prayers.

I don't blame you for telling the guy on CNN that enough is enough and for leaving the set. He called you a "sell-out" to conservative principles because you don't share his opinion that Barack Obama is better suited for the presidency than John McCain. The real sell-out to essential conservative principles, is the person who opts for a pro-abortion candidate over a pro-life candidate.

May God keep you in His peace and strength in the midst of this storm. Keep fighting the good fight!


When I saw that Don Lemon was going to interview him I knew it wasn't going to go well. I live in ATL and it's widely known that Lemon is a huge Obama supporter, member of the NAACP, and has no problem with people knowing that he is pro black. He is none the less very respected and loved by African Americans and very easy on the eyes as well lol!! Don didn't really hide his contempt for James in his first interview and james went back for another one by him the same day so it's sort of hard to feel sorry for him, He knew what he was getting into.

luvs Gwen Ifill

"Don Lemon is very pro black and one of the most repsected journalist (sic) in the black community." What a joke. I can literally name hundreds of black journalists who are more respected than Don Lemon. I hope that was sarcasm, because it is not based in reality.


@ Anna, girl did you see the interview he did with the 106 y/o black woman who said she's holding on to life because she doesn't want to die without seeing a black man as President. It was so touching, Don gave her a beautiful boquet of flowers and he was sooo sweet to her. He said once Obama got elected he was going to take her as his date to the inaguration.(lucky woman!!) It was so touching, it almost brought a tear to my eye She was so proud. She grew up in a time when we couldn't vote and had to sit behind white people on the bus and now she's about to see a black man elected as our Commander and Chief. Look at how far we've come!!!!!


Kim & anna, don't get me wrong Don is sexy but it's all about TJ. That voice he got and those sexy ass green eyes! That dude could get it any day, Don could to but especially TJ! Don is a good ass reporter though, you can tell he really cares about the people he interviews and he has a lot of compassion. He also serves as a mentor for young black kids without father figures. Hell James, maybe you can get you're kids signed up in the mentor program so they could know what it's like to have a strong black man as a father figure instead of a beggin ass coon. I'm sure Don could teach them a lot more than you ever could.


"Don Lemon is very pro black and one of the most repsected journalist (sic) in the black community." What a joke. I can literally name hundreds of black journalists who are more respected than Don Lemon. I hope that was sarcasm, because it is not based in reality.

BITCH PLEASE!! Don Lemon is greatly respected and has won several awards. You don't know what the fuck your talking about. I bet your coon ass looks up to the anchors on Fox news. Get the fuck outa here!


LMAO!! This shit is comedy gold!! Shalonda you are a mess girl, on here cursing these people out!!lol But anyway you are right, TJ is fine but I'm stuck on Don, he's just so sweet and compasionate with the people he interviews, you can tell he really gets invested in his stories he reports. I've been swooning over him for a year now whenever I can catch CNN on my sattelite in Iraq I'm all up in his kool-aid!!


The newest McCain supporter video.



@ Kim, Naw girl these Honkey's on here is out of control. That HOE got the nerve to sit up there and tald about Don with all the accolades and rewards he's gotten and all the good he does in the black community, she must be smokin rocks! For Real! TJ still my future Baby's
Daddy though with his fine ass!

Patrick Austin

I would agree that Don seemed biased in his interview, but I don't feel conservatives have a reason to complain about the media when Fox news is practically an extension of the Republican party. And not to mention the highest rated cable news network.

There are several journalists on CNN who try to be completely fair (Wolf Blitzer, Don King among them). I can't name a single one on Fox except for maybe Chris Wallace.

"My background is in history, so I'm all about searching through issues and engaging in intellectual discourse. CNN has no time for that."

Intellectual discourse - is that what O'reilly and Hannity engage in?

BTW, if your rant was about MSNBC, then I would have completely conceded you your point.


I just watched the video that Sheryl posted. That is insane! And whats worst is that no one has went to his house to make him take that shit down. I wish I lived anywhere near that house because somebody needs to burn his shit down, that asshole has a lot of nerve to pull some shit like that!! I hope that's not James's house, though I wouldn't be suprised!SMH


J.P That video is dispicable but the man who put up that display is a ooward. He wouldn't even show his face so he shouldn't even be aknowledged. and Patrick I agree with you 100% you took the words right out of my mouth. And if it was so bad why did James grant Don a second interview? He couldn't tell from the first one that Don was disgusted by him?


James should have stuck to Fox news interviews. He was out of his element and he got his ass handed to him 3 times on CNN. He should have went on Bill O Reiley or Hannity&Colmes, he would've felt right at home being interviewed by them.


I swear that Shalonda, Kim and Michelle are the same person. Same style of writing. Same grammatical and spelling mistakes. Same foul language. I wouldn't be surprised if they are all Don Lemon's mama. Only she could think Lemon is a serious journalist.

Average Joe American

Way to take a stand on CNN, James T!


Joe the plumber is on Huckabee's show on Fox right now. James, have they called you?


All of this hype confuses me... If James is supposed to be voting for Obama because of race, does that mean I was supposed to vote for Hillary because I'm a woman? Truth is, who cares who each of us chooses to vote for, just get out there and vote for the candidate you believe will do the best job! If James doesn't believe Obama is the right candidate, that's his choice. Be proud to live in a country where we ALL have the right to vote. Use that right and spend your time speaking for your choice, not cutting down those who believe in someone else. Hang in there James and keep speaking what you believe is right!

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