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July 03, 2008


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Hey James I'm impressed you've really stepped it up since I last visited here. Three to four posts a day now huh? I just had to mention though, doesn't the National Black Republican Association go against some of things conservatives harp about? Why is there a need to emphasize race?

James T


Yeah, I stepped it up. I'm getting ready for the book. :-)

Yes the NBRA is heavy on race... It's because they are old. Civil rights generation... Boomers.

That's why they need me. I am the post racial commentator!


The Usual Suspects don't like you, James.

In fact, the intimation is that you are a racist, like all Republicans.


Is this grp affiliated with the RBE?


Dad29 do you think the Republican party has some work to do in regards to it's image? I'm not a Democrat, I really don't care much about the party system at all. But the perception that society holds of Republicans are of old white men and if you are a minority who is a Republican then you must be a sellout. Why is that? What has led people to believe that?



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