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July 18, 2008


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My 11 year old nephew wants to see this movie today with his parents. Should they take him?

Chris from Racine

I can't wait to see it!


No, this is your grandfather's Batman. Batman was a very grim character in the beginning, and so was the Joker. The 1930's Batman was a vigilante/detective who wasn't hesitant about killing the bad guys if the situation called for it. It was in the 1960's when the Batman stories became just plain silly, with even a story of Batman becoming a Batbaby in one comic book, and the TV series was campy and goofy. Batman is one of my favorite superheroes because 1) He has no mutant powers and didn't come from another planet, only being in top physical shape and having lots of martial arts training, 2) Batman has the coolest gagets, even in the earlier years, and 3)he has a thorough knowledge of his enemies and what motivates them.


11-year-olds probably should not see this one. Unless he's a mature 11-year-old who listens to James T.

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