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June 18, 2008


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Uncle Ed

I think I know what the problem is...

That great big smile 10,000 watt smile that is always present whenever you are being sarcastic doesn’t shine bright enough to be seen thru the am radio.

I'd say take the heat from time to time, be who you are, and bring the rest of us along for the ride. Or, try Crest White Strips; maybe the increased luminescence will shine bright enough to cover your listening area.


-----Agrees wholeheartedly with Uncle Ed. Shine on, James T., shine on.

dana michelle

I have been listening to you for quite a while now, and I have to say that I have never thought of you as sounding "angry" on the radio. On the contrary, one of the reasons I enjoy you so much is because you don't come across that way. I've told a number of people to read you or tune in to your show (most recently, my 80+ parents this past Father's Day).

I see you as a realist who is not afraid to speak the truth, but always in an upbeat fashion. I even found humor when you were ranting about us bicyclists (running us over with your minivan!) No, I don't bike to work (way too far) but I enjoy biking for recreation.

I really think anyone who thinks they been offended by you is just looking to be offended.

Just keep doing what you're doing, James. But I have to agree that if you can figure out a way to flash that smile over the radio waves it can only do you good :)

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