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October 18, 2007


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Amy P.

I still laugh at the claim Pelosi made, saying she'd lead the "most ethical Congress ever"...

Yeah, right. And I'm going to marry Prince William.

James Pawlak

Turkey is NOT our friend. That nation refused to allow US Troops to pass through to Iraq, which let to the lack of "boots on the ground" at the beginning of the last Iraq war as led to much of the chaos for which President Bush is blamed.

In fact, no nation with a majority of Muslims can be trusted to NOT attack Western civilization at some time--This based on the 1400-year history of Muslim aggression.


James, I hate to say it, but the Dems are where they are because the Repiblican party lost it's soul and went native. That's why I tell them to piss off, just like the dems, when they call or write looking for $$. Since half the country is too stupid to exercise their right to vote, and 1/2 that do vote, vote for the incumbent, this is what we get. Sykes is right. We've gotten the government we deserve. Both State AND Federal.


I disagree about Turkey. Muslim though they are, they are Western in many ways. Turkey is of strategic importance to your country's efforts in Iraq. Don't discount someone based solely on religion, we get enough of that thrown at us. We have to be better than our political opponents. Lead by example.

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