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June 18, 2007


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Denzel to play a cameo?

Could it be that Hollywood's black actors are too in demand or expensive to play these roles? Or, maybe they think they are. That would be an interesting twist.


Anjelina Jolie is married to the producer. On Larry King last week, Angelina was telling all about how Brad Pitt purchased the rights to the story and how SHE (Angelina) was chosen by Pearl. Boy this afternoon crowd on WTMJ is a harsh crowd

Nic Cruickshank

I don't care who bought it -- or what the terms were -- the point is this is an obvious example of hollywood types doing the opposite of what they claim. Hypocrisy thy name is Hollywood.

Another James


When the Tiger Woods story is cast, what kind of person should get the role? Tiger is African, Thai, Chinese, American Indian, and European (source: rolemodel.net). Must it be someone who is black, or can it be one of the other races in the mix?

Per your recent comments on on WTMJ regarding Angelina Jolie playing a bi-racial woman (half black/half white), your rationale seemed to indicate that as long as a character has ANY black heritage, the part MUST be played by someone who is black - simply because there are so many black people capable of playing the role.

I agree that the Hollywood execs didn't look very far, or beyond names that would guarantee box office success - that's Hollywood's mantra. Yet, to assume that the search for multi-racial actors must first exhaust all black prospects - no matter how numerous or scant the pickings might be - seems to run contrary to the goal of a color blind society.

I agree with you on so many other issues, but this one? Sounds like you're still holding on to the race card. It still may improve a hand in some circles, but I'm hoping it eventually gets taken out of the deck.

Another James


Oh who cares. Acting is acting.

James T.

The other James,
I understand the economics of Hollywood. I'm just saying if you have the "right" person for the parts in your arsenal why not use them? And it’s not that I advocate a colorblind society just a non-racist society. If this phenomenon were happening both ways I’d have no argument but it's not, and AoAd are always on the short end.
Sorry, but when I go to the movies I’d like to see me portrayed as me. Especially if what I am doing is good and decent. How can people not see this?

James Pawlak

Since I do not go to movies (Due to physical reasons), I care little about those alleged "beautiful people" in that industry.

Thank you for the info as to Mr. Jason Thomas, a man who should be more and more accurately known.

I think I understand your feelings as I had the same when I saw the PC morphing of the scene of three fire fighters raising our flag at the "9/11" site.

/The Third James

Sara Kaczor - Seebruch

I like the idea of Angelina playing the role. An article that was on CNN, led you to assume that Daniel's wife was very pleased she was playing the part. She actually became friends with Angelina. Angelina was also very concerned in taking the role, to make sure she handled it perfectly.
As far as Hollywood... I won't even go see a new movie because of the money to be taken from you when you walk in those doors... and honestly its time for America to keep there nose out of the Actors! How many more lives are going to be ruined because of the CRAP that happens... BLAH.
As far as the gentleman from Twin Tower movie... his hertiage was not known, because that is how he wanted it. It wasnt till the movie came out that he came forward and confronted the issue!

Other than that... I dont know what to say... except life is life and no matter what we think "should" happen... something may always win.

Sara Kaczor-Seebruch


Another great post. If there is something insidious happening, it should be brought to light. Thank you for your research and writings.


>>A Mighty Heart and World Trade Center depict two positive stories of Americans of African descent that have been whitewashed by Hollywood.


Marianne Pearl isn't American. She was born and raised in France.

James T.

I knew that one of her parents was Cuban and that the other was Dutch but I didn't know that she was raised in France.

Well that changes everything! If she was raised I America she would be considered black, but if she's European then all bets are off! Right? I mean it's hard enough to find a black actress to play a black woman, but a black woman with an accent?


Pearl Jr

Someone sent me this link.

My contact is Pearljr@trutalk.us

Also, I'm happy to report that "A Mighty Heart" did poorly the opening weekend. It came in 10th place, just making $4 million.

A few more loud complaints about blatant and careless racism costing them millions, oh a change is a comin' quick!

Pearl Jr

My contact is Pearljr@trutalk.us

A Mighty Heart came in 10th place earning just $4 million.

Blacks must keep voting with their dollars, so to stop, yes, STOP blatant, careless, or even subtle racism.

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