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May 21, 2007


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Keep the Faith, James. I know it's hard, dealing with the "tolerant and open" far left. I'll hear you Sunday..


I hope this country will someday recover from what the 1960's spawned, but I'm afraid we have about 20 more years to suffer.


Suburban lefties? Mike Mathias lives in the city. And Chris Schneider isn't a lefty.

Sean Hackbarth

James, I'm sympathetic to your argument, but I have no idea what the "suburban lefties" are saying. Please link to your critics. Let me read the back-and-forth to come to my own conclusion.

Anne Quimby Mathias

"Enter the know-it-all suburban lefties who like to throw stones from their cushy armchairs and manicured lawns in Shorewood, Brookfield and River Hills or wherever. These people have NO IDEA what it’s like to live in the city, and what it’s like to work to change a culture from the inside out."

Know it all suburban lefties? Far from it. (Well, perhaps the know it all part.)

We live in the heart of the central city, on the corner of 21st and Juneau. My husband lived on this block his entire life and we chose to buy a home in this neighborhood in order to do our small part to change it "from the inside out". Why don't you stop by sometime and check out our cushy armchairs and manicured lawn? Or at least check yourself before making sweeping generalizations.

Reading your post, it's difficult to reconcile your earlier suggestion to abandon MPS with your current call to change things "from the inside out".

Every day we experience the extreme poverty, drug addiction, chronic illness - both mental and physical - lack of education, teen pregnancy and domestic violence that plague our neighborhood. Moreover, we are first- hand witnesses to the total abandonment of these issues by our elected leaders and absolute refusal to commit the funding and time required to start to resolve these issues. Barrett and Hagerty's summer crime prevention plan has kicked off, and it's like a police state over here, but funny, I don't feel like things are any different.

Mr. Hackbarth, below is a link to Michael's post about rap music and Jasmine Owens. So, read and come to your own conclusions, but nowhere in this post does he defend Ludicis, and note that we are not suburbanites.


-Anne Quimby Mathias


James T - looks like you got served.


I think this post makes an even better point about your motivation.


In any event - I enjoyed watching you on the TV this morning - best of luck in the future!

illusory tenant

Funny stuff. I live a stone's throw from 27th and Kilbourn. Have done for going on six years. I wake most mornings to the sound of homeless people rummaging through the dumpsters (there but for the grace of God, etc.).

The above is almost as entertaining as John McAdams's characterization of hip hop fans as white teenage suburban racists who "enjoy seeing black people demeaned." And that's the "truth," he says.

McAdams is a conservative, I think, so obviously silly commentary isn't the exclusive preserve of liberals.

By the way, I hear there's plenty of conservatives in River Hills.

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